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Tampa Red, the essential DOUBLE CD

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Tampa Red

01 - Grievin` and worrin`
02 - Kingfish blues
03 - Mama don`t allow no easy riders here (with The Hokum Jug Band)
04 - Stockyard fire
05 - Stormy sea blues
06 - It`s heated (with Frankie Jaxon)
07 - Mean mistreater blues
08 - Delta woman blues
09 - My daddy rocks me (with one steady roll) (with The Hokum Jug Band)
10 - Boogie woogie dance
11 - Keep on dealin` (play your hand)
12 - Mean old tom cat
13 - Don`t deal with the devil
14 - Coffee grindin` blues (with Lucille Bogan)
15 - Denver blues
16 - Uncle Bud (dog gone him)
17 - You can`t get that stuff no more
18 - Chicago moan
19 - Black hearted blues
20 - What`s that tastes like gravy
21 - Boot it boy (with The Hokum Jug Band)
22 - Witchin` hour blues
23 - Deceitful friend blues
24 - Forgive me please
25 - Worried devil blues
26 - Dead cat on the line
27 - You got to reap what you sow
28 - Grouchy hearted woman
29 - Hard road blues
30 - Moanin` heart blues
31 - She`s love crazy
32 - It hurts me too
33 - Someday I`m bound to win
34 - House rent scuffle (with Lil Johnson)
35 - Love with a feeling
36 - Sweet little angel

Tampa Red was born Hudson Woodbridge in Smithville, Georgia in January 1904. Following the death of his parents he moved to Tampa, Florida to live with his Grandmother Whittaker. He got his nickname from his hometown in Florida and the colour of his hair – red! This double CD compilation illustrates the music and style of Tampa Red, from his risqué lyrics to the creation of "hokum" music, Tampa Red was a mainstay of the Chicago blues scene and was one of the best bluesmen of his era. He moved to Chicago in his early twenties and began his prolific recording career in 1928 which would continue until 1960. His earliest recordings were made alongside his long time partner Thomas A. Dorsey, "Georgia Tom". Together they worked and recorded as one of the best Blues guitar/piano duets until 1932 when Tom left the blues behind to become a leading figure in Gospel music. Tampa Red's guitar playing was slick and precise, providing a perfect and distinctive accompaniment to his vocals. Some of his best known recordings include "Boogie Woogie Dance" and "You Can't Get That Stuff No More". He recorded stories of betrayed love, bad luck and hard times, sometimes with great depth, sometimes with a great sense of irony and sometimes with humour. Robert Nighthawk, Muddy Waters, Elmore James and many others copied his songs and bottleneck slide guitar playing technique. Includes informative booklet notes by Gary Atkinson.
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