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Papa Charlie Done Sung That Song

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Russell Means


Cary Moskovitz
01 - I'm Alabama Bound Listen

Dom Flemons
02 - Drop That Sack Listen

Jen Maurer
03 - Papa's Lawdy Lawdy Blues Listen

Adam Tanner
04 - Shake That Thing Listen

Jerron Paxton
05 - Skoodle Um Skoo Listen

Cary Moskovitz
06 - I'm Tired of Fooling Around With You Listen

Jen Maurer
07 - Shave 'Em Dry Listen

Adam Tanner
08 - Bright Eyes Listen

Cary Moskovitz
09 - Airy Man Blues Listen

Dom Flemons
10 - Loan Me Your Heart Listen

Cary Moskovitz
11 - Up The Way Bound Listen

Adam Tanner
12 - All I Want Is A Spoonful Listen

Jen Maurer
13 - I Got what It Takes Listen

Jerron Paxton
14 - Jim Tampa Blues Listen

Cary Moskovitz
15 - Mama Don't You Think I Know Listen

Papa Charlie Jackson
16 - I'm alabama Bound Listen
17 - Drop That Sack Listen
18 - Papa's Lawdy Lawd Blues Listen
19 - Shake That Thing Listen
20 - Skoodle Um Skoo Listen
21 - I'm Tired Of Fooling Around With You Listen
22 - Shave 'Em Dry Listen
23 - Bright Eyes Listen
24 - Airy Man Blues Listen
25 - Lone Me Your Heart Listen
26 - Up The Way Bound Listen
27 - All I Want Is A spoonful Listen
28 - I Got what It Takes Listen

Lucille Bogan (Bessie Jackson)
29 - Jim Tampa Blues Listen

Papa Charlie Jackson
30 - Mama Don't you Think I Know Listen

Celebrating the Music of Papa Charlie Jackson

Cary Moskovitz
Jen Maurer
Adam Tanner
Dom Flemons
Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton

Double CD.

New interpretations of 15 Papa Charlie songs plus the re-mastered originals.
16-page booklet contains a biography of Jackson written by Jas Obrect.

This two-disc set is a milestone project for Document Records and for aficionados of traditional blues and related music of the early 20th century. For Document, it is exceptional in containing material by living musicians, a rarity for our label and the first of such recordings for Document’s 7000 series since 1999. For music lovers, it contains both the first-ever recorded tribute to Papa Charlie Jackson (Disc 1) and the first selected compilation of Papa Charlie’s music since vinyl (Disc 2).

Charlie Jackson is a pivotal figure in American music history. Historians credit him with being the first famous male blues singer, the first famous self-accompanied blues artist, and the first blues musician to record primarily original material. Jackson cut his first sides in 1924 and by the late 20’s was one of Paramount Records’ biggest stars. His unusual virtuosity on 6-string banjo also put him in demanded as an accompanist for major early blues singers such as Ma Rainey and Lucille Bogan.

For the banjo-driven tribute disc, Cary Moskovitz, Jen Maurer, and Adam Tanner are joined by guests Dom Flemons (formerly of the Carolina Chocolate Drops) and up-and-coming early blues master Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton—along with a host of others. The notably wide variety of instrument combinations include tenor and 6-string banjos, fiddle, guitar, piano, bass, tuba, harmonica, euphonium, trombone, clarinet, trumpet, bass clarinet, accordion, tenor guitar, and kazoo.

In addition to the two discs, the 16-page booklet contains a biography of Jackson written by Jas Obrect, former editor of Guitar Player magazine and author of important books and liner notes on major blues players.

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