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THE RADICAL; Russell Means

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Russell Means

01 - chief joseph

Russell Means
02 - The Radical
03 - 3. Nixon's Dead Ass
04 - Ain't No Prison For The Corporation
05 - Channel Surfing
06 - I love you I love you I do
07 - Halls of Congress
08 - WACO. The white man's wounded knee
09 - Anarchy
10 - Conspiracy to be Free
11 - Seattle

An inspirational visionary, Russell Means remains one of the most magnetic voices in America today. Whether leading a protest, fighting for constitutional rights, starring in a motion picture, or performing his “rap-ajo” music, the message he delivers is consistent with the philosophy he lives by, which states: The Universe, which controls all life, has a female and male balance that prevalent throughout our Sacred Grandmother, the Earth.This balance has to be acknowledged and become the determining factor in all of one’s decisions, be they spiritual, social, healthful, educational or economical. Once the balance has become an integral part of one’s life, all planning, research, direct action and follow-up becomes a matter of course. The goals that were targeted become a reality on a consistent basis. Good things happen to good People; remember time is on your side.
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