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Head, Hands & Feet - A Book of One Man Bands by Dave Harris

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Hardcover, 415 pages, 10.75 x 8.5 inches (21.5 x 228 cm) sized pages, filled with hundreds of colour photos, very good typography, excellent paper, print and binding quality.

Dave Harris’s remarkable history and account of the world of One Man Bands.

As one commentator states “It's an excellent book. I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in music, busking, performing arts, music history, percussion, or the unique and quirky things in the world.

The book is heavily illustrated with over 1000 images, including many unreleased photos, notably a wonderful collection of Jesse Fuller photos (thanks to Mary Katherine Aldin). All styles of music are covered from country to rock, reggae to folk and especially blues. Obviously there are many superb harmonica players covered including: blues OMBs - Dr Ross, Joe Hill Louis, Duster Bennett, WC Spencer, Paul Oscher, Ray Stubbs, Philippe Menard and Adam Gussow, etc., folk OMBs - Jesse Fuller, Don Partridge, Robert One Man Johnson, etc., bluegrass/country OMBs - Eric Royer, Doc Watson, Ken Leiboff and many more!

If you've ever been interested in the genre, this book could be for you!

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