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Mississippi String Bands & Associates 1928 - 1931

Alec Johnson
Mississippi Mud Steppers
Mississippi Blacksnakes
Sam Hill From Louisville

with contrinbutions by; Alec Johnson, vocal; Bo Carter, violin, guitar, vocal; Charlie McCoy, mandolin, banjo; Joe McCoy, guitar, Walter Vincson, vocal guitar; Sam Hill, vocal, guitar; and others...

Genre: Mississippi Country Blues.

Informative booklet notes by Chris Smith.
Detailed discography.

This CD contains some of the recorded fruits of the relationship between the McCoy and the Chatmon families of Mississippi, beginning with the one session made by Alec Johnson, who was backed by Bo Carter on violin, and the McCoy brothers; guitar (Joe) and mandolin (Charlie), with possibly an under recorded piano. Johnson was evidently, judging by both his voice and repertoire, an older singer than his accompanists, and probably a veteran of the medicine shows. Continued...

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