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Female Blues Singers Vol 4 C 1921 - 1930

DOCD-5508 Female Blues Singers Vol 4 C 1921 � 1930 Genres: Blues, Classic Blues, Female Blues, Jazz. Informative booklet notes by David Evans Detailed discography. The majority of tracks on this volume are sung in a dramatic style. This style is heard often in the very early 1920s but was pretty much pass� by 1923. Some of the characteristics of the style of the early recordings may be due to the fact that these records were aimed at both white and black customers. The collection is made all the more interesting with the appearance of some fine jazz accompanists including James P. Johnson, Bob Fuller, Louis Hooper and Buddy Christian. The female blues singers who made records in the 1920s and early 1930 are often simplistically characterized as "vaudeville" artists. This series of fourteen, concentrating on singers who made only a handful of recordings and who mostly remain biographically obscure, reveals the true diversity of the female artists of this era. Continued...

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