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Charley Patton Vol 3 1929 - 1934

Charley Patton, vocal, guitar, bottleneck slide-guitar.

Includes performances by; Henry Sims, vocal, violin; Bertha Lee, vocal; Willie Brown, guitar.

Genres: Mississippi Country Blues, Delta Blues, Country Blues Guitar

Extensive, detailed booklet notes by Bob Groom.
Detailed discography.

Charlie Patton is considered, with some justification, to be the archetypal, Mississippi Delta blues singer / guitarist. His guitar playing, including his bottleneck slide guitar technique, coupled with his gritty vocal delivery created a mixture of some of the most primitive yet sublime recordings to be made in the pre-war blues era. Many of his recorded performances are so powerful as to be unsurpassed within the genre. Truly, Charley Patton was a man amongst men. Despite his small, physical, stature he had an overpowering presence when he performed, that embodied the very essence of the Mississippi blues. Equally, he can well be thought of as a songster, in view of his wide-ranging repertoire of blues, ballads, rags, spirituals and popular songs  that he displays on his recordings which are presented on Document's three volumes of Charley Patton's recordings. Certainly, he was a showman and entertainer whose live performances could be somber, melancholy, intense or humorous. Yet he differs from his contemporaries like Mississippi John Hurt and Mance Lipscomb in that he used solid, earthy blues as a vehicle for an intensely personal musical expression. These three volumes present his complete issued recordings. All of his original 78 rpm records are extremely rare and in many cases there are only single known copies which are now the prized possessions of collectors. Continued...

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