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Blues From Maxwell Street (1960 & 1965)
Featuring; Daddy Stovepipe (Johnny Watson); vocal, guitar and harmonica. Blind James Brewer; vocal and guitar. King David; vocal and harmonica. Blind Arvella Gray; vocal and National steel guitar. Genres; Country Blues, Country Blues guitar, Country Blues harmonica, Field Recordings. Extensive, informative, booklet notes by Paul Oliver, Rien Wisse and Gary Atkinson. Detailed discography. Chicago’s Maxwell Street Market was once a hive of mercantile activity from the 1870s until it finally closed and fell silent in 1994. Like Beale Street in Memphis, this was also a home and a birth place for the blues. From Papa Charlie Jackson to Robert Nighthawk, Arvella Gray to John Wrencher, Maxwell Street played host to some of the best and greatest blues musicians and served as a working example where could be found one of the most iconic figures of the blues; the street musician. For many of them, such as Charley Jackson from New Orleans, Arvella Gray from Texas, Maxwell Street was a landing place for the many musicians who migrated from the South to Chicago, bringing with them their music and songs and making them part of the Chicago blues landscape. Continued...

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