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Backwoods Blues 1926 - 1935

Bo Weavil Jackson (Sam Butler), vocal guitar.

Bobby Grant, vocal, guitar.

King Solomon Hill, vocal guitar,

Lane Hardin, vocal, guitar


Genres: Country Blues; Alabama, Mississippi, Texas Blues Guitar including Bottleneck Slide Guitar.

Informative booklet notes by Paul Oliver.

Includes detailed discography.


Beyond the few metalled highways in the South of six decades ago the dirt roads wound through the country, linking the settlements and farm communities of the backwoods. Some farms were literally in the woods, established in the untidily cleared forest. But the term "backwoods" was loosely applied to any isolated settlement where few people had any experience of the larger world of the Southern cities. In most communities though, there were musicians who played for dances or at the roadside jukes, and a number of them gained a more than local reputation. Some, more adventurous than their companions, went "down the dirt road" to try their luck in town. Continued...

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