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Bunk Johnson Volume 2

Bunk Johnson 1942 - 1945 Recordings

Bunk Johnson's Original Superior Band
Bunk Johnson's Jazz Band
Bunk Johnson And His New Orleans Band
Louis Armstrong And His Foundation Six

8 Page informative booklet written by Alyn Shipton.
Detailed discography.

Although jazz trumpet player, Bunk Johnson, undoubtedly played a part in the early story of Jazz and was at the forefront of its development in New Orleans around 1907-1914 (he taught Louis Armstrong), he never recorded during the vintage-jazz era of the late teens through to the 1930`s. After spending the thirties as a truck driver, he was contacted by a group of enthusiasts, was fitted out with a new set of teeth and set on his second career as a professional musician. He is now regarded internationally as one of the great jazz legends of all time. Continued...

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