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Gus Cannon Vol 1 1927 - 1928

Gus Cannon (Banjo Joe), vocal, banjo, speech, whistling, kazoo.
With contributions from:
Cannonís Jug Stompers. Including: Gus Cannon, vocal, banjo, jug, Ashley Thompson, vocal, guitar; Noah Lewis, harmonica; Elijah Avery, banjo, guitar, kazoo, Hosea Woods, kazoo.
Blind Blake, guitar.
Gus Cannon was already in his mid-forties when he came to record in 1927, so it's not surprising that at his first sessions he cut Poor Boy, Long Ways From Home, one of the earliest blues, setting it to a unique slide banjo accompaniment. His sessions as "Banjo Toe" also featured ragtime pieces and medicine show songs, among them the once-typical Can You Blame The Colored Man, a funny,albeitsomewhat Uncle Tommish, song about Booker T. Washington's 1901 visit to the White House. Blind Blake, who helped out with second guitar on most titles, was added at Paramountís behest; they had never met before the session. Continued...

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Gus Cannon & Noah Lewis Vol 2 1929 -1930

Cannon And Woods (The Beale Street Boys); Gus Cannon vocal, banjo; Hosea Woods, vocal, guitar.
Cannon's Jug Stompers; Gus Cannon, vocal, banjo, jug; Hosea Woods, vocal, banjo; Noah Lewis, vocal, harmonica.
Noah Lewis, harmonica solo.
Noah Lewis' Jug Band; Noah lewis, vocal, harmonica; Sleepy John Estes, guitar; Yank Rachel, mandolin; Ham Lewis, jug. Mrs Van Zula Carter Hunt, vocal.
Genres; Blues, Memphis Blues, Country Blues, Jug Band, Blues Banjo, Blues Harmonica.
Informative booklet notes by Chris Smith.
Detailed discography.
From this album's booklet notes:
After Cannon's Jug Stompers recorded in September 1928 (see Document DOCD-5032) it was about a year before Gus next faced the mikes; when he did, it was as one half of "Cannon And Woods" (The Beale Street Boys)", making a disc for Brunswick in breach of his contract with Victor. "Woods" was Hosea Woods, older even than Gus, a splendid singer with a strong falsetto, and about to replace Elijah Avery as the Stompers' second banjoist and guitarist. Gus Cannon is said to play guitar on the Beale Street Boys sides, but as the instruction to "Percolate that banjo!" is given to "Joe" (i.e. Banjo Joe), it seems more likely that Woods is the guitarist. Continued...

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