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Texas Blues 1927 - 1935
DOCD-5161 Texas Blues (1927-1935) Featuring: Coley Jones, vocal, guitar. “Bo” Jones, vocal, guitar. “Little Hat” Jones, vocal, guitar. “Oak-Cliff T-Bone” (Walker), vocal, poss. Guitar. Willie Reed, vocal, guitar. Genres: Texas Country Blues Informative booklet notes by Paul Garon. Detailed discography. This excellent and broad collection highlights many aspects of the Texas blues, from its ballad and folkloric components (Coley Jones' Drunkard's Special, Little Hat Jones' Kentucky Blues) to its tent show strands (Coley Jones' Army Mule In No Man's Land and Travelling Man), all combining to create the coarser weave of the Texas blues. The most familiar performer on this set is T-Bone Walker, represented by his first record, recorded under the name of Oak Cliff T-Bone. Continued...

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Texas Black Country Dance Music 1927 - 1935
Dallas, is the focus for this anthology. Perhaps the most delighted musician of the bunch is Coley Jones, the guitar and mandolin playing leader of the exuberant Dallas String Band. This string ensemble played on the streets of Dallas in the mid-to-late 1920s, charming listeners with its repertoire of turn-of-the century popular songs (Chasin' Rainbows and I Used to Call Her Baby), ragtime (Dallas Rag), and blues songs (Sweet Mama Blues). Jones himself was an older songster whose own recorded repertoire included many song types found among late 19th and early 20th century songsters (DOCD 5161 and 5163). Continued...

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Texas Girls 1926 - 1929
Lillian Miller Hattie Hudson Gertrude Perkins Ida May Mack Bobbie Cadillac And Coley Jones Includes accompaniment by Hersal Thomas, piano; Charlie Hill, guitar; Coley Jones, guitar; K.D. “44” Johnson, piano; Alex Moore, piano. Genres: Texas blues, Country blues, female blues vocal; Texas blues piano. Informative booklet notes by Paul Garon. Detailed discography. From the CDs booklet notes This assortment of Texas blues by Texas women contains a number of excellent pieces. Hattie Hudson's lilting "Doggone My Good Luck Soul" is backed with another song dealing with luck, "Black Hand Blues", and both are outstanding. Continued...

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