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Blind Willie McTell & Curley Weaver 1949 - 1950

Blind Willie McTell, vocal, twelve-string guitar.
Curley Weaver, vocal, guitar.
Solo Performances and Duets.
Genres: Country Blues, Religious, Country Blues Guitar, Bottleneck-Slide Guitar, Atlanta, Georgia blues.
Informative booklet notes by David Evans.
Detailed discography.
This disc presents the Curley Weaver session(s) for Sittin' in With of late 1949 or early 1950 and the McTell-Weaver session for Regal in 1950. Their voices are a bit worn from over two decades of daily performing and travel under not always the best of conditions, but their talents are otherwise undiminished. Like Billie Holiday's singing in her final years, the effect is still quite moving.

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Georgia Blues 1928 - 1933

Featuring recordings by;

Curley Weaver, vocal guitar.

Eddie Mapp, harmonica.

Guy Lumpkin, guitar.

Slim Barton, guitar.

Clarence Moore, vocal

Fred McMullen, vocal guitar.

Ruth Willis, vocal.

With contributions by Buddy Moss, guitar.


Genres; Atlanta, Georgia Blues, Country Blues, Blues guitar, Blues harmonica, bottleneck-slide guitar.


Informative booklet notes by Keith Briggs.

Includes detailed discography.


Six assorted sides by Curley Weaver, plus one with Clarence Moore; the only pairing by Eddie Mapp & Guy Lumpkin; the six sides by Slim Barton & Eddie Mapp, plus one with James Moore; the Mapp-Moore-Lumpkin; and the five sides by Fred McMullen, plus the two where he accompanied Ruth Willis. The net result is a splendid anthology of Georgia blues, superbly evoking the Atlanta of the late 1920s and early '30s. These, of course were the days when giants like Willie McTell walked the earth, but a local music scene is always as much about the minor figures, and shadowy though the Mapps, Lumpkins and McMullen's are, they are vital components in the construction as a whole. Continued...


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Curley Weaver 1933 - 1935

Curley Weaver, vocal, guitar.
Curley Weaver, Blind Willie McTell, vocal, guitar duet.
The Georgia Browns; Fred McMullen, vocal, guitar; Buddy Moss, vocal, harmonica; Curley Weaver, vocal, guitar.

With accompaniment contributions to Curley Weaver by Fred McMullen, vocal, guitar, Buddy Moss, guitar, Blind Willie McTell, guitar.

Genres; Country Blues, Georgia Blues, Atalanta Blues, Country Blues guitar, bottleneck-slide guitar, 12-string guitar. Blues harmonica.

Inforamtive booklet notes by Keith Briggs.
Detailed discography.

From this album's booklet notes:

Of all the famous bluesmen associated with the so called 'Atlanta School' none, with the exception of the unique Willie McTell, enjoyed a longer career on record than Curley Weaver. His often humorous vocals and fluid guitar work first appeared on the Columbia label in 1928 and he was still going strong in the early 1950s.

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Too Late Too Late Vol 3 1927 - 1960's

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