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Barrelhouse Women Vol 1 1925 - 1930
DOCD-5378 Barrelhouse Women Vol. 1 1925-1930 Informative booklet notes by Mike Rowe Detailed discography. When we think of women blues singers of the 1920's, we generally think of cabarets, the vaudeville stage, and traveling shows as the normal context for their music. Yet recordings by the end of that decade revealed that there were a number of women like Memphis Minnie, Mattie Delaney, Geeshie Wiley, and Elvie Thomas who accompanied themselves on guitar and clearly held their own with their male counterparts in house parties, juke joints, and country picnics. There was yet a third group of women blues singers who were accompanied by a piano, sometimes played by themselves but more often by a male musicians. Some of these artists, like Ida Cox, worked primarily or exclusively in the vaudeville and cabaret circuit, but there were others who preferred or simply never had a chance to get out of the urban saloons, honky-tonks, and rent parties. The artists on this disc range in style from vaudeville to pure barrelhouse.

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