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Country Blues, the essential DOUBLE CD
Drawing from the Document Catalogue, this double CD set represents some of the many wonderful Country Blues recordings, in particular with the accompaniment of guitars and harmonicas, which came from the halcyon days when Country Blues musicians could be heard playing on the streets, at parties, dances and in juke joints, or on the porches of sharecropper's shacks.

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Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey DOUBLE CD

Double CD
Various Artiists
Compiled by Bill Wyman
Informative 24 page full colour booklet by Bill Wyman & Richard Havers
Detailed discography
Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman asked Document Records to produce a CD which would be part of a life long ambition; to pay tribute to and share with others the music that he has loved and been influenced by, The Blues. This double CD, accompanied by a twenty-four page colour booklet, compliments the book, television documentary and DVD of the same name. It features some of the very best blues to have been recorded from the early “Classic” female blues and “Country Blues” of the nineteen-twenties through to the electric “Down Home” blues of Chicago.
Whether you are a collector or just inquisitive about what the blues are and the history the music, this CD is one of the finest collections of vintage blues recordings available. Continued...

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The Beale Street Sheiks (Stokes & Sane) 1927 -1929

Frank Stokes, vocal, guitar.
Dan Sane, vocal, guitar.
Genres: Memphis Blues, Country Blues, Country Blues Guitar.
Informative booklet notes by Chris Smith.
Includes detailed discography.
It was in 1927 that Frank Stokes and Dan Sane made their first recordings for Paramount, by which time they were one of the tightest guitar duos in blues, with Sane’s flat-picked embellishments sliding through Stokes’ strong but nimble rhythms like fish through the sea.
Original 78 rpm records of the Beale Street Sheiks fall into the “extremely rare” category, suggesting that their records sold in low quantities, perhaps poorly. Perhaps the duo’s style sounded a little aged for the record buying public who also had the choice of the merriment and “low down, dirty blues” of the Memphis Jug Band or the slick slide guitar playing of the young Furry Lewis or the driving blues of the feisty Memphis Minnie. Yet the music of the Sheiks is regarded as a pure delight and a wonderful insight into blues carried forward by two older men who were there at the beginning. Continued...

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Frank Stokes The Complete Victor Recordings 1928 - 1929

Frank Stokes vocal, guitar
Memphis, country blues.
Includes; Dan Sane, guitar; Will Batts, violin.
Informative booklet notes by Chris Smith
Detailed discography.

With nearly forty songs issued on record, some of them in two parts, Frank Stokes was one of the most extensively recorded of the Memphis blues singers of the 1920s; only Jim Jackson's total of recordings is comparable, and many of Jackson's were remakes of 'Kansas City Blues'�. Like Jackson, Stokes blends blues with songs from the medicine shows and from the ragtime days of his childhood. Not only was his repertoire one of the most interesting of its time, it was superbly sung, and backed, whether solo, in partnership with Dan Sane, or with Will Batts, by some of the most accomplished and appropriate blues and ragtime playing on record. Continued...

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Too Late Too Late Vol 5 1927 - 1964
DOCD-5411 Too Late, Too Late Vol. 5 (1927 – 1964) Leroy Carr / Big Maceo / Jimmy Blythe / John 'Big Nig' Bray / Cow Cow Davenport / Rev. Lonnie Farris / Scrapper Blackwell / Elizabeth Johnson / Lonnie Johnson / Lead Belly / James 'Jack of All Trades' McCain / Blind Willie McTell / Sister Morgan / Frank Stokes / Montana Taylor / Sonny Terry / Henry Townsend Genres: Country Blues, Pre-War Blues, Acoustic Blues, Acoustic Chicago Blues, Acoustic Memphis Blues, Blues Revival, Harmonica Blues, Blues Guitar, Chicago Blues, East Coast Blues, Field Recordings, Folk Revival, Folk-Blues, Folksongs, Piano Blues, Piedmont Blues, Pre-War Country Blues, Regional Blues, Songster, St. Louis Blues. As is the case with each of the CDs in this series, Vol. 5 of Too Late, Too Late has valuable alternate takes, newly discovered titles, and unissued material. Quite a few major names are represented, with ten of the 24 selections being released for the first time. Continued...

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