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Papa Charlie Jackson Vol 2: February 1926 to September 1928

Papa Charlie Jackson, vocal, banjo, guitar.
Includes 1 track by Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals.
Genres: Per-war blues, blues banjo, early Chicago blues, jazz.
Informative booklet notes by Chris Smith.
Detailed discography.

Twenty-six of Papa Charlie Jackson’s recordings dating between February 1926 and September 1928, and an extraordinary volume this is. Now firmly ensconced in the electrical recording era, the sound on these records brings out the rich texture of Jackson’s banjo playing, and his singing is thoroughly enjoyable, as he runs through thinly veiled topical songs (Judge Cliff Davis Blues), playful romantic pieces (Butter and Egg Man Blues), bouncy rags (Look Out Papa Don’t Tear Your Pants), and more ambitious remakes of his early songs, most notably an outtake of Salty Dog, cut with Freddie Keppard’s Jazz Cardinals (with New Orleans jazz great Johnny Dodds on clarinet). Continued...

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