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Blind Blake Vol 4 1929 - 1932

Blind Blake Vol 4 (August 1929 to June 1932)
Blind Blake, vocal, guitar.
With contributions by Papa Charlie Jackson, banjo; Irene Scruggs, vocal; and others...
Genres: Ragtime Guitar, Country Blues Guitar.
Informative booklet notes by Alan Balfour.
Detailed discography.
From this album's booklet notes: 
Despite the name of Blind Arthur being used for two guitar solos recorded in October 1929, there can be little doubt that it is Blind Blake who is playing his "famous piano-sounding guitar" (to quote a Paramount advertisement) on Guitar Chimes. It has the same use of harmonics as in 'Police Dog Blues' (DOCD-5026) but played in the key of C and latterly commented on by a noted musicologist thus, "most country blues guitarists were not sufficiently well versed in C to have hazarded such an instrumental". Continued...

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Swingin' The Blues 1931 - 1939

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Female Blues Singers Vol 13 R/S 1921 - 1931

DOCD-5517 Female Blues Singers Vol 13 R/S 1921 - 1931 Genres: Blues, Classic Blues, Female Blues, Jazz. Informative booklet notes by David Evans Detailed discography. Volume 13 of this outstanding fourteen volume series features two major stars of the vaudeville era, one shadowy figure who kept popping up on records over two decades and one complete obscurity. Between them there is a heady mix of low down blues and hot jazz. Laura Rucker had a productive and eventful career. On her records she can be heard with Blind Blake and Emmet Mathews (Document DOCD-5027 and 5345), Georgia Tom (DOCD-5526), and Earl Hines. Her first recordings were with Paramount and later in 1949 she re-emerged as one of the first recording artists on Chicago's independent Aristocrat label, later to become Chess records. Continued...

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Vocal Duets 1924 - 1931

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