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Female Blues Singers Vol 9 H2 1923 - 1930

DOCD-5513 Female Blues Singers Vol 9 H2 1923 - 1930 Genres: Blues, Classic Blues, Female Blues, Jazz. Informative booklet notes by David Evans Detailed discography. This ninth volume of a superb fourteen volume series of female blues singers presents the work of two vaudeville blues artists who were already established artists in the early 1900s, plus a track by an intriguing, obscure, singer and the work of one of the numerous second-line singers of the mid 1920s. Edmonia Henderson�s saucy voice is a little reminiscent of Ida Cox. She was extremely successful on the vaudeville circuit. Among the many highlights in her career she won the Paramount Blues Singer Contest and on another occasion she joined Ma and Pa Rainey, playing the �straight� part to Ma�s comedy act. Continued...

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