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The Beale Street Sheiks (Stokes & Sane) 1927 -1929

Frank Stokes, vocal, guitar.
Dan Sane, vocal, guitar.
Genres: Memphis Blues, Country Blues, Country Blues Guitar.
Informative booklet notes by Chris Smith.
Includes detailed discography.
It was in 1927 that Frank Stokes and Dan Sane made their first recordings for Paramount, by which time they were one of the tightest guitar duos in blues, with Sane’s flat-picked embellishments sliding through Stokes’ strong but nimble rhythms like fish through the sea.
Original 78 rpm records of the Beale Street Sheiks fall into the “extremely rare” category, suggesting that their records sold in low quantities, perhaps poorly. Perhaps the duo’s style sounded a little aged for the record buying public who also had the choice of the merriment and “low down, dirty blues” of the Memphis Jug Band or the slick slide guitar playing of the young Furry Lewis or the driving blues of the feisty Memphis Minnie. Yet the music of the Sheiks is regarded as a pure delight and a wonderful insight into blues carried forward by two older men who were there at the beginning. Continued...

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Female Blues Singers Vol 8 H1 1923 - 1928

DOCD-5512 Female Blues Singers Vol 8 H1 1923 - 1928 Genres: Blues, Classic Blues, Female Blues, Jazz. Informative booklet notes by David Evans Detailed discography. Volume eight of this A to Z of female blues singers presents five singers from the vaudeville style of the Classic Blues era. It is possible that Sister Harris is none other than Estelle Harris, one of the stars of the Savoy Theatre in Memphis between 1910 and 1913 and one of the first black vaudeville singers to become known as a blues specialist. Clara Herring shows that she was a worthy competitor to Bessie Smith and Alma Hendersons strong vocals are inspired by the first class accompaniments provided by Lonnie Johnson on guitar and DeLoise Searcy on piano. Continued...

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Classic Blues Jazz & Vaudeville Singers Vol 4 1921 - 1928

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