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Walter Vincson 1928 - 1941

This collection reissues all of Walter Vinson's pre-war recordings, including several of his accompaniment performances for Leroy Carter ("Black Widow Spider") and Mary Butler ("Mad Dog Blues"), as well as sidemen roles for the Chatmon brothers from the Mississippi Sheiks and Charlie McCoy. Also included are career highlights "Overtime Blues" and "Losin' Blues".


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Bo Carter Vol 1 1928 - 1931

Bo Chatman (Bo Carter) vocal, guitar.

Includes Mary Butler (probably Rosie Mae Moore) vocal.

With contributions by: Lonnie Chatmon, violin; Charlie McCoy, mandolin; Walter Vincson, guitar.

Genres: Blues, Country Blues, Mississippi Blues, Blues Guitar, String Band.

Informative booklet notes.
Detailed discography.

From this album's booklet notes.
Bo's first appearance on record seems to be a Columbia session held in Atlanta, Georgia on November 2, 1928, where he, Charlie and Joe McCoy, and an unknown pianist, backed a singer named Alec Johnson. A Columbia session did take place on December 17, 1928 in New Orleans, with Bo, Charlie McCoy and Walter Vincson, where two titles were cut as the Jackson Blue Boys. But before that session, the group ran into the Brunswick mobile unit and recorded as Charlie McCoy and Do Chatman, as well as backing Mary Butler on four titles. After Good Old Turnip Greens the vocal chores were turned over to Mary Butler for four blues titles. Bungalow Blues was handled smoothly, although a bit stiffly, with its occasional II and VI chords lending it a vaudeville flavour. On Mary Blues the blues style in the vocal was harder and the guitarist (probably Vincson) begins the instrumental introduction with a few bluesy slurs. On Electric Chair Blues the mandolinist had the same difficulty as on Mary Blues, and Butler cut Mad Dog Blues to better effect with only Vincson on guitar (including some mandolin imitation on the breaks). Continued...

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