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Electric / Slide Guitar Gospel - Rev. Utah Smith & Rev. Lonnie Farris (1944 - 1964)
DOCD-5222 Electric / Slide Guitar Gospel; Rev. Utah Smith & Rev. Lonnie Farris (1944 – 1964) Rev. Utah Smith (The Traveling Evangelist), vocal, electric guitar. Rev. Lonnie Farris, vocal, electric steel “Hawaiian” guitar. Also includes; Rev. Le Vol Franklin, vocal, electric bass guitar. Rev. Grimes, washboard. Deacon McMillian, drums. Thelma William, vocal. Rev. Elliott Keyes, tenor sax. Genres; Gospel, Electric Steel “Hawaiian” Guitar Informateive booklet notes by Ken Romanowski. Detailed discography. One of the most animated of the post-war crop of gospel evangelists was Shreveport, Louisiana’s Elder Utah Smith.This evangelistic dynamo whose volatile guitar pyrotechnics are enough to distract a discerning listener from the fact that none of it is affected with a slide. The dynamic Hawaiian guitar of Reverend Lonnie Farris should be proof enough of the resilience and adaptability of modern gospel music. Continued...

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