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Country Blues, the essential DOUBLE CD
Drawing from the Document Catalogue, this double CD set represents some of the many wonderful Country Blues recordings, in particular with the accompaniment of guitars and harmonicas, which came from the halcyon days when Country Blues musicians could be heard playing on the streets, at parties, dances and in juke joints, or on the porches of sharecropper's shacks.

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Yonder Come The Blues

Informative booklet notes by Paul Oliver.
Detailed discography.

Paul Oliver is internationally recognised as being one of the most prolific and authoritive writers of the history and development of blues music. In the early 1970s an excellent series of paperback books were published by Studio Vista known as "Blues Paperbacks". The series covered many aspects of the music and included several biographies including a book on Charley Patton written by John Fahey, Tommy Johnson by Dave Evans and Peetie Wheetstraw by Paul Garon. The series also featured three books which looked at the development of the music; Savannah Syncopators by Paul Oliver, Blacks Whites and Blues by Tony Russell and Recording the Blues by the blues discographer Robert M.W. Dixon. To compliment his book Yonder Come the Blues, based on those three books, Paul Oliver personally invited Document to produce this CD illustrating many musical examples drawn upon in the book. Continued...

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Troubled Hearted Blues - Vintage Guitar Blues (1927 - 1944)

Various Artists.
Informative 8 page, full colour booklet written by Kieth Briggs.
Detailed discography.

Twenty four tracks of some of the finest blues guitar on record. Includes superb bottleneck guitar playing by Robert Lockwood, Gabriel Brown and Bukka White, stunning finger picking by George Torey, Robert Wilkins and Blind Lemon Jefferson and much more. Features the recently found and incredibly rare copy of Blind Joe Reynolds Cold Woman Blues and Ninety Nine Blues recorded for Paramount. National Steel Guitars, Stella 12-strings and Martins, they're all here. Continued...

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Memphis Blues Vol. 1 (1928 - 1935)

Recordings by;
Robert Wilkins, vocal, guitar
Tim Dickson, vocal, guitar
Allen Shaw, vocal, guitar
Genres: Memphis Blues, Country Blues, Country Blues Guitar.
Informative booklet notes by Alan Balfour.
Detailed discography.
The city of Memphis has been linked with the blues since W.C. Handy updated 'Boss' Crump's political campaign song of 1909 and published it as 'The Memphis Blues' in 1912. This was, of course, a formal composition but when 'race' recordings really took off in the 1920's a whole underworld of blues activity was discovered to be in existence in the city, centred on the 'black' thoroughfare of Beale Street. Continued... 

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