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Jazzin' The Blues 1943 - 1952

Genres: Female Blues singers, Female Jazz singers, Classic Blues Singers.

Informative booklet notes written by Steven C. Tracy.
Detailed discography.

The great vaudeville blues singers who first emerged on record in 1920 with the recordings of Mamie Smith were a varied group in term of talent, technique, and repertoire. A number of them outlasted the vaudeville blues craze through their capabilities with a pop song, while others benefitted from the revival of interest in Dixieland jazz, and still others updated to a jazzier approach that fit in with the updated urban blues styles of the 1930s and 1940s. Of course, there were those artists who mixed these approaches in their work and, of course, performers who faded into obscurity due to an inability to update or a decision to retire. Continued...

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