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Female Blues Singers Vol 10 H/I/J 1923 - 1929

DOCD-5514 Female Blues Singers Vol 10 H/I/J 1923 - 1929 Genres: Blues, Classic Blues, Female Blues, Jazz. Informative booklet notes by David Evans Detailed discography. The main fascinating element to this volume of fourteen is the fact that several artists featured apparently recorded under names other than their familiar ones, although the strangest name here, Bertha Idaho, was her real one. Nellie Hite is in fact Mattie Hite. Jane Howard is the same artist as Miss Frankie who can be heard on volume six of this series. Mary Jackson could possibly have been Ethel Riddley and Elnora Johnson may well be non-other than Alberta Hunter. Even the accompanists provide some intrigue with the "unknown" guitarist with Zaidee Jackson probably being Bobby Leecan and the outstanding pianist referred to as Mr Johnson by Sadie Jackson is almost certainly by James P. Johnson. Continued...

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