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Tuskagee Institute Singers / Quartet 1914 - 1927
DOCD-5549 Tuskegee Institute Singers / Quartet 1914-1917 Plus Aunt Mandy’s Chillun 1930 Recordings Genres: Unaccompanied Male Vocal Quartet: Spirituals / Gospel; Alabama (Tuskagee), Unaccompanied Preaching with choir. Informative booklet notes by Steve Tracy. Detailed discography. It is difficult, and rightly so, to think of Alabama’s Tuskegee Institute and not think of its founder, principal and sole teacher of its first 30 students in 1881, Booker T. Washington. Washington’s interest in the sacred folk songs of African Americans strikes critics as curious in the context of his policies. Yet Washington clearly championed those old plantation songs to such an extent that he sought to uncover them by a variety of means, perpetuating their memory for future generations despite calls by Tuskegee music teachers to favour songs in the European tradition. Continued...

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Church Choirs,Vocal Groups & Preachers Vol 4 1927 - 1943

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