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Boll Weevil Here, Boll Weevil Everywhere
DOCD-5675 Field Recordings Vol 16 “Boll Weevil Here, Boll Weevil Everywhere” Various artists. Genres: Blues, Folk, Cajun, Songster. Informative, 8 page, booklet notes by Bob Groom. Detailed discography. The “Ballad of the Boll Weevil” is at least a century old. Numerous variants on the basic theme were recorded right across the American South during the years 1900-1960, either for the Library of Congress or song collections. There were also related commercial blues recordings such as Charley Patton’s and Joe Calicott’s “Mississippi Bo Weavil Blues”, Kokomo Arnold’s “Bo Weavil Blues”, Ma Rainey’s “Bo Weavil Blues” and “Devil And My Brown Blues” by Sam Butler (Bo Weavil Jackson). In 1961 the “Boll Weevil Song” made No. 2 in the American Hot 100, subsequently becoming an international smash hit, in a version by black ballad singer Brook Benton on Mercury. Although the composer credit on the 45 was to Benton and arranger Clyde Otis and on CD album issue to rock singer Eddie Cochran (who had recorded it a couple of years earlier) and Jerry Capehart, the song was in fact the most familiar version of the traditional Ballad of the Boll Weevil! Continued...

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