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Country Blues, the essential DOUBLE CD
Drawing from the Document Catalogue, this double CD set represents some of the many wonderful Country Blues recordings, in particular with the accompaniment of guitars and harmonicas, which came from the halcyon days when Country Blues musicians could be heard playing on the streets, at parties, dances and in juke joints, or on the porches of sharecropper's shacks.

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William Harris & Buddy Boy Hawkins 1927 - 1929

Walter “Buddy Boy” Hawkins, vocal, guitar.
William Harris, vocal, guitar.
With contribuions by Joe Robinson, guitar, speech and possibly Charlie Patton, vocal comments.
Genres: Country Blues, Country Blues guitar.
Informative booklet notes by Paul Oliver
Detailed discography.
From this album's booklet notes:
Nothing is known about William Harris and Buddy Boy Hawkins as individuals, and field research has uncovered almost no details of their lives; what we know of them is a fragment of information or two, and the rest has to be deduced from their songs.  From the evidence of his guitar style, with its emphasis on rhythmic complexity rather than on single-string work, William Harris may have come from the Mississippi Delta. 

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