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Mr. Edison's Christmas (1906 - 1927)

Genres: Christmas, Season holiday, Santa Claus, Edison Recordings, Christmas Carols, Christmas Monologues

Informative booklet notes by Larry Tedder.
Detailed discography.

Of all things Christmas, nothing is more traditional than the singing of carols and songs. Songs that capture in lyrics and in music the many traditions that we have at this joyous Season: the birth of the Christ child, the Christmas tree, the opening of gifts, sleigh rides, and holiday get-togethers with family and friends.

On October 30, 1889 banjoist Will Lyle made history by recording "Jingle Bells" the very first Christmas record. Although no known copies of this recording survive, one of the earliest vocal examples of "Jingle Bells" does survive on an Edison brown wax cylinder entitled, "The Sleigh Ride Party". Continued...

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