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Charley Lincoln & Willie Baker 1927 - 1930


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Lonnie Johnson Vol 4 1928 - 1929

Lonnie Johnson, vocal, guitar.

Victoria Spivey, vocal.
Eddie Lang, guitar.
Spencer Williams, vocal.

With contributions by: Clarence Williams, piano; J.C. Johnson, piano; Joe “King Oliver”, cornet; Hoagy Carmichael, percussion, vocal.

Genres: Blues, Blues Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Country Blues.

From this CDs booklet notes.
In March 1928, Lonnie Johnson was in San Antonio, travelling with Okeh's mobile unit, and supplying accompaniment as needed. Part way through a stint backing Texas Alexander, he took time out to make the lovely ballad I'm So Tired Of Living All Alone, and a few days later he cut a four title session which included the first version of his famous attack on pimps, Crowing Rooster Blues; as so often with Lonnie, this song also includes some jaundiced opinions on women — note his advice on the dangers of buying them silk underwear in quantity. Broken Levee Blues is an unusual song of protest about the means by which the levees along the Mississippi were maintained, a system which a few years later was called "Mississippi Slavery in 1933" by Roy Wilkins of the NAACP.

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Carolina Blues 1937 - 1947
Review by Steve Leggett All Music Guide. Containing the complete recorded works of Piedmont guitarists Floyd Council and brothers Richard and Welly Trice, Carolina Blues features gentle melodic blues pieces that clearly show the pervasive influence of Blind Boy Fuller in the region. Council's major claim to fame is that his first name was taken by Syd Barrett and combined with the first name of another bluesman, Pink Anderson, to make the moniker Pink Floyd, although the British group has never had much, if anything, in common with East Coast blues. Richard and Welly Trice aren't a performing duo, and their selections feature each of them playing separately, with Welly emerging as the more interesting of the two. The real treat here may well be the eight tracks by Eddie Kelly's Washboard Band, a jug band-like ensemble featuring harmonica, kazoo, acoustic guitar, and washboard. The sheer messy joy in the group's playing makes the band a complete delight.

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Carl Martin / Willie (61) Blackwell 1930 - 1941

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Sister Rosetta Tharpe Vol 2 1942 - 1944

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Georgia White CD Bundle x 4 CDs
Georgia White CD Bundle x 4 CDs contains DOCD-5301:Georgia White Vol 1 1930 -1936 DOCD-5302:Georgia White Vol 2 1936 -1937 DOCD-5303:Georgia White Vol 3 1937 -1939 DOCD-5304:Georgia White Vol 4 1939 -1941

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Mississippi Sheiks CD Bundle x 4
This CD bundle contains the complete recorded works of the Mississippi Sheiks :
DOCD-5083 Mississippi Sheiks Vol 1 1930,
DOCD-5084 Mississippi Sheiks Vol 2 1930 - 1931,
DOCD-5085 Mississippi Sheiks Vol 3 1931 - 1934,
DOCD-5086 Mississippi Sheiks Vol 4 1934 - 1936.

Please see individual CDs for track listings

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Sister Rosetta Tharpe CD Bundle x 3
Bundle Contains DOCD-5334 Sister Rosetta Tharpe Vol 1 1938 - 1941 DOCD-5335 Sister Rosetta Tharpe Vol 2 1942 - 1944 DOCD-5607 Sister Rosetta Tharpe Vol 3 1946 - 1947 plus complementary collectors item DOCSOC-4 What Is The Soul Of Man - Sister Rosetta Tharpe /Cherry Sheriff/Alfa Romeo Remix

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