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"I know that 'Dry Spell Blues - Part 1 & 2' by Son House, on Paramount is here, somewhere. If only I had used Document's on-line search facility..."


There are over 25,000 historical recordings of Blues, Jazz, Gospel and Old-Time Country (and more) music to be found in the Document Records Store. Search artists CDs, or download albums or simply choose single tracks.

Discover the many articles on artists, albums, music styles and more...


Search Panel 1

Search 1.

The Google search will give results for all enquiries related to Document Records and for The Document Records Store. For example, typing into the search bar “Son House” brings up all of the Document Records albums which feature Son House or that has a reference to him. In addition, several search results show archived articles either featuring Son House or referring to him.

The only restriction to this search is that Google shows a maximum of ten pages but with an average of ten Document Records related results per page, this usually gives ample results.



Search by Artist

Search 2.

The drop down list for the “artist search” is extensive and this is currently the only place where the majority of the hundreds of artists on the Document Records website that can be seen as an uninterrupted list. Whilst looking for specific names the searcher may see other names that may also be relevant to their search, or perhaps for the first time, names that they may not have associated with Document Records before!



Search by Region of Birth

Search 3.

Much as we would have like
to have provided many unique search facilities, we have been limited to those that currently appear here. A question that is often asked is; where was a particular artist born? And so, as a the result of such a popular question, we have provided a unique search facility that will go some way to assisting in this enquiry. For example; by selecting Georgia, the enquirer will be presented with a list of all of the artists entered into the database, known to have been born in Georgia. Click on any one of the names and you will be presented with all of the Document Records albums that particular artist appears on. Please note that though an artist may have been born in a particular State, it does not necessarily follow that artist stayed in the State long enough in his or her life to have adapted a music style typical of that State. A move from a rural part of a Southern State to where the urban sounds of Chicago were influential is just one example this.



Search by Original Label
Search Panel 1

Search 4.

Another subject of particular
interest is the many recorded labels, on which the thousands of recordings contained within the Document Records catalogue appeared. Names such as Paramount, Gennett, Okeh, Black Patti, Black Swan, Brunswick and Vocalion, to name just a few, have sparked the fascination and imagination of collectors and researchers around the world. Using this search facility, you will be presented with Document albums which will feature recordings which originally appeared on the label that you have put into your search. Unfortunately, we are not able to identify exactly which recordings on any particular album are on the label in question but it is hoped that the information given will provide some initial information for your enquiry

The database for searches 2, 3 and 4 was created some years ago and though they are extensive, they are not fully up to date. However, a large percentage of the Document Records catalogue had been produced by the time of the database being created. Consequently, a “double check” for artists, using Search 1, is recommended.

Gee, I wish that they’d hurry up an’ invent Personal Computers, search software and the internet an all...
Gee, I wish that they’d hurry up an’ invent Personal Computers, search software and the internet and all...

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