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Rev F W McGee Vol 2 1929 - 1930

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Rev. F W McGee


Rev. F W McGee
01 - From the jailhouse to the throne Listen
02 - Paul`s heavenly vision Listen
03 - Shine-drinking Listen
04 - Women`s clothes (you can`t hide) Listen
05 - The book of life Listen
06 - Jesus in the fire Listen
07 - I looked down the line and I wondered Listen
08 - Jesus the Lord is a saviour Listen
09 - Testifyin` meetin` Listen
10 - Dead cat on the line Listen
11 - I`ve seen the devil Listen
12 - Holes in your pockets Listen
13 - I got to leave here Listen
14 - Everybody don`t know who Jesus is Listen
15 - My wife`s a holy roller Listen
16 - Nothing to do in hell Listen
17 - A dog shall not move his tongue Listen
18 - Fifty miles of elbow room (take 1) Listen
19 - Fifty miles of elbow room (take 2) Listen
20 - The sure route excursion to hell - part 1 Listen
21 - The sure route excursion to hell - part 2 Listen

With the second volume in the series, Rev. F.W. McGee’s gospel style turns almost exclusively to straightahead preaching, with only minimal musical backing. It’s not that much of a stretch to suggest that this kind of gospel is a kind of early precursor to rap — the rhythms and patterns of McGee’s preaching are highly musical, and his wordplay on sides like Women’s Clothes (You Can’t Hide) and Testifyin’ Meeting is lyrical and imaginative. While these sermonizing records are by no means the place for new listeners to begin, for historians they offer fascinating insight into another of the many facets of the pre-war gospel sound. – Jason Ankeny

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