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Document Records Catalogue


DOCUMENT RECORDS (established 1985) has uniquely sourced, re-mastered ,  digitised and re-issued  the vast majority of Afro-American acoustic blues, jazz, spirituals and gospel recordings (1900-1945) from the original 78 recordings.

Document Goes Totally Digital (well almost)

Events have conspired to make it no longer viable for Document Records to continue to press and sell CDs for the time being. We are not ruling it out for the future but for now we are transitioning towards a 100 per cent digital catalogue

Many of you know that CDs sales have long since been dropping across the industry. Document had managed to weather the storm with a combination of our website sales and   USA distribution via Allegro Music. For the last year or so Allegro had been struggling financially causing us to face many late or missed payments. Now they have capsized completely and our hopes of recovering what we owed by them have been dashed.   We were half expecting and had begun to prepare for the worst.  

The Future of Document Records

Our catalogue will be still available in digital format   . Our web developers are putting the finishing touches to our own Document Download store where you will be able to purchase full albums, individual tracks and individual booklet notes as required.

We are busy working on new digital titles, and we are looking to expand our digital repertoire. We have Dance Band, Jazz, Hawaiian, Scottish Folk and African   albums in the pipe line so watch this space.  I think you already know that we love Christmas here at Document and there is a 5th Blues, Blues Christmas digital album being complied even as we write.

We might also expand into a bit of merchandise.-not really our thing but we have to move with the times. We have lots of new articles and info waiting to be uploaded and this will be made available by our forthcoming new Blog pages. We will also continue to keep our Facebook page as active as ever.

The current CD Stock

We have decided to offer the remaining stock at a massively reduced price to our best customers—YOU. We know you have loved our promotions and this is a final chance to get those CDs on your bucket list at only £1.99 a piece (including any taxes ) that is about  $3 or less or about Euros 2.70.
If you recently purchased CDs at £4,17, well thank you  as you allowed us to continue trading.

We are offering ALL the remaining stock except for Mississippi Fiddle Tunes and Songs from the 1930s for £1.99. Our remaining catalogues are also priced at £1.99 (including any taxes) that is about  $ 3 or less or about   Euros 2.70.

They are now out of date in terms of releases but they are work of art to anyone with an interest in pre-war blues.

I think we say this in every mailing but we mean it. We think we have the best fans of all and we can’t thank you enough for your support over the last 16 years. Every time you bought a CD direct from us you allowed us to continue to produce CDs.

It has been our pleasure to keep this historic archive alive in the physical format and we will continue to do our best to preserve and expand it in the digital world.    

We also regret to tell you that Daniel and Alex, whom regular customers know so well, will be finishing at the end of June. We worked together as small family run company and to lose them in this way has been very upsetting. If we can find a way back in terms of CD production they will re-join us



Document Spring Fling Sale 2016

This astonishing project encompasses over 25,000 different tracks was made possible by the support of collectors, academics and ethnomusicologists.

Document 8000 Series

8000 SeriesDOCUMENT’S 8000 series  is sourcing , digitising  and  re-issue  much of  the  "old timey" pre-war country catalogue  to make it  permanently  accessible for all.

In addition DOCUMENT has acquired the exclusive rights to over 360 hours of previously unreleased material produced by the Edison Company (1914-1929).

The vast repertoires includes Jazz, Blues, Country, Dance Bands, Vaudeville, Opera, Classical and speeches by popular orators and politicians of the time.

Document 5000 Series

Document 5000 SeriesThe BIG one. At 679 CDs and growing this is one of the biggest slices of Afro-American music history that you will find anywhere.

The complete recorded works of hundreds of blues, gospel, spiritual, boogie-woogie, songster artist; from the late 1800s onwards.

Many, many recordings not available elsewhere these are the roots of soul, modern gospel, R&B, rap, black urban vocal music and rock.

Mississippi Fiddle Tunes
and Songs from the 1930s

Mississippi Fiddle Tunes and Songs from the 1930s147 Recordings (3 CDs) collected by Herbert Halpert for the Library of Congress in 1939.

Primarily conceived as a way to get people and the economy back to work, Roosevelt's WPA arts projects published state tour guides, collected ex-slave narratives, and collected folklore of all sorts, but especially folk music.

This set contains the complete fiddle and banjo field recordings collected by Herbert Halpert for his 1939 field trip in Mississippi. Then working with the New York chapter of the Federal Theatre project Halpert was drafted by the Federal Music Project to produce the recordings. An army ambulance was donated and renovated with WPA labor. The Library of Congress loaned recording equipment. The Presto 78 disc cutter, then the state of the art for portable recording equipment, was installed in the ambulance, which was later nicknamed the "Soundwagon."

Budget Boxes & Bundles

Hershel Brown

Josh White CD Bundle
6 CDs

Mississippi Sheiks CD Bundle - 4 CDs

Georgia White CD Bundle 4 CDs

Sister Rosetta Tharpe CD Bundle
3 CDs

Blind Willie McTell Statesboro Blues The Early Years 1927 ~ 1935 
3 CD Box Set

Never Let The Same Bee Sting You Twice.
3 CD Box Set


Document Third Man Vinyl Bundle

Document Reissue
Volume 3



Document Downloads

Individual tracks, or entire albums, from the Document Records catalogue can be downloaded from the comfort of your home or office from Emusic. Click here



Document Podcasts


We offer a comprehensive music licensing service, digital re-mastering service and film soundtrack / archive service.
or View our media services page


Document Educational

Special rates for all Document products are available for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Museums and any other places of education or research. Please email your enquiries to 

The Document Records Catalogue

For less than the price of most CDs on the market Document presents The Catalogue.

One hundred and fifty pages, many printed in full colour.
Over eight hundred and eighty titles.
Over twenty thousand tracks.
Over two thousand three hundred main artists indexed alphabetically.

Click here for more details for the catalogue that's a collectors item itself!.


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