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Autumn Newsletter

It’s our Super Moon Sale!

As you might already know we have had a miserable summer here in Blighty.  We had to have the heating on for two days in July and we have now we’ve dragged out the winter woollies. The only seasonal thing that has been fun has been the berry picking. We are replete with wild damsons, hawthorn, sloes and blackberries. We are making wine and sloe gin.

We are also busy working on new releases but in the meantime we would like to enjoy our bumper crop of discounted CDs.

You will soon be feeling fine with the following 129   at a mere £2.49 .You can buy ‘em and hide ‘em til Christmas.

We always say this but we REALLY do appreciate and thank you for buying direct from Document.  You can’t get our CDs at these prices elsewhere. We ship daily to the EU and the USA from the Document HQ here in Scotland.


Bunk Johnson Lucille Hegamin Vocal Bles and Jazz Vocal Bles & Jazz
Rude Dudes




Blues, Blues Halloween - DOCD-32-20-20

Blues, Blues Hoodoo, HalloweenWe are also pleased to remind you that Halloween is on its way.

Why not treat yourself to our spookiest CD

Black American music has long been associated with both Hoodoo, and in the Caribbean and parts of Louisiana, Voodoo. There are many references to the Hoodoo Man, or Hoodoo Lady, who would cast a spell for you, or supply you with a ‘Conjure Bag’, a ‘Mojo Hand’ or other charms to do the same. The ‘Black Cat Bone’, the ‘John The Conqueror Root’, or the Voodoo ‘Gris Gris. Sometimes to give you power over money, or other powers, but almost always to give you control of the opposite sex.

With this stuff, you could become The Hoochie Coochie Man!


Blues Posters

Deck the halls with some stunning Blues Posters

Blind Blake

Blind Blake
18" x 24"

Charley Patton
Charley Patton
24" x 36"

Blind Lemon Jefferson

Blind Lemon Jefferson
18" x 24"

Beale Street Sheiks
Beale Street Sheiks

18" x 24"

Memphis Minnie

Memphis Minnie
24" x 18"

Dope Head Blues
Dope Head Blues

18" x 24"

Dead Drunk Blues

Dead Drunk Blues
18" x 24"

Down the Dirt Road Blues

Down the Dirt Road Blues
18" x 24"


18" x 24"

This Old World's in a Hell of a Fix

This Old World
18" x 24"

Blind Willie Johnson

Blind Willie Johnson
18" x 24"

Crying Sam Collins

Crying Sam Collins
18" x 24"



New releases on the 8,000 series:

This ever popular series spotlights the many masters of the early Country Music genre known to many as Old Timey music.

The Georgia Yellow Hammers Volumes 3 & 4

Bill Chitwood and Bud Landress, with their friends Phil Reeve, Ernest Moody and Clyde Evans, and associates such as Andrew and Jim Baxter, the Harper brothers, Gus Boaz, Lawrence Neal and others, would represent and promote the musical culture of their region for most of a decade.

Thanks to them, Gordon County, Georgia, has come to be held in high regard by lovers of old-time Southern music.

Today we can see it as a prism, its facets reflecting the different forms of Southern music: old-time fiddling, quartet singing, stringband ensembles, rustic comedy, yodelling, blues.

Georgia Yellow Hammers Volume 3
Volume 3

Georgia Yellow Hammers Volume 4
Volume 4


New Release on the 5000 series

I'm Pretty Good At It - Country Blues Guitar (1928-1953)I'm Pretty Good At It - Country Blues Guitar (1928-1953)

Various Artists. Charley Hill, Roosevelt Antrim, Sonny Jones, Dan Pickett and Doug Quattlebaum

Informative booklet note by Bob Groom.

Detailed discography.

Genres: Accoustic, Country Blues, Guitar. Bottleneck-Slide Guitar. Ragtime Guitar


New Release on the 7,000 Series

Papa Charlie Done Sung That SongPapa Charlie Done Sung That Song: Now on Document Records:
Background: As an admirer and performer of Papa Charlie's music, Chapel Hill-based Cary Moskovitz has gathered together a group of wonderful musicians to help make a tribute CD, and he's lined up an excellent recording studio and engineer. As he has been working on putting this project together, he has found a couple of other admirers of Papa Charlie. Gary Atkinson, who runs Document Records is one of them and Moskovitz has worked out a deal with him to put out this recording on Document. They have agreed to make it a two-disc set-one disc with the tribute recordings and a second disc with the Papa Charlie originals, which Document will remaster to improve the sound quality.

Celebrating the Music of Papa Charlie Jackson

The 2-CD set, featuring Adam Tanner and Jen Maurer with guests Dom Flemons and Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton, includes new interpretations of 15 Papa Charlie songs (Disc 1) plus the remastered originals (Disc 2).

This is a milestone project for Document Records and for aficionados of traditional blues and related music of the early 20th century. For Document, it is exceptional in containing material by living musicians, a rarity for the label. For music lovers, it contains both the first-ever recorded tribute to Papa Charlie Jackson (Disc 1) and the first selected compilation of Papa Charlie’s music since vinyl (Disc 2). Charlie Jackson is a pivotal figure in American music history.

Historians credit Jackson with being the first famous male blues singer, the first famous self-accompanied blues artist, and the first blues musician to record primarily original material. Jackson cut his first sides in 1924 and by the late 20’s was one of Paramount Records’ biggest stars. His unusual virtuosity on 6-string banjo also put him in demanded as an accompanist for major early blues singers such as Ma Rainey and Lucille Bogan. On the banjo-driven tribute disc, Cary Moskovitz, Jen Maurer, and Adam Tanner are joined by guests Dom Flemons (formerly of the Carolina Chocolate Drops) and up-and-coming early blues master Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton—along with a host of others. The five singer-musicians are accompanied by an exceptionally wide variety of instrument combinations include tenor and 6-string banjos, fiddle, guitar, piano, bass, tuba, harmonica, clarinet, trumpet, bass clarinet, accordion, trombone, euphonium, tenor guitar, and kazoo.

In addition to the two discs, the 16-page booklet contains a musical biography of Jackson written by Jas Obrect, former editor of Guitar Player magazine and author of books such as Blues Guitar: The Men Who Made the Music and Rollin’ & Tumblin’: The Postwar Blues Guitarists.

Final Vinyl

We have a limited Stock of Vinyl - First Come First Served...

We have a limited Stock of Vinyl - First Come First Served...

We have a limited Stock of Vinyl - First Come First Served...

We have a limited Stock of Vinyl - First Come First Served...

We have a limited Stock of Vinyl - First Come First Served... We have a limited Stock of Vinyl - First Come First Served... We have a limited Stock of Vinyl - First Come First Served...  
We have a limited Stock of Vinyl - First Come First Served... We have a limited Stock of Vinyl - First Come First Served...    

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