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Will Ezell 1927 - 1931

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Will Ezell
Marie Bradley
Sam 'Slim' Tarpley
Bertha Henderson
Blind Roosevelt Graves


Will Ezell
01 - Stormy hailing blues (Marie Bradley, vocal) Listen
02 - Jailhouse moan (Ora Brown, vocal) Listen
03 - Restless blues (Ora Brown, vocal) Listen
04 - Black bordered letter (Bertha Henderson, vocal) Listen
05 - Six thirty blues (Bertha Henderson, vocal) Listen
06 - Barrel house man Listen
07 - West coast rag Listen
08 - Old mill blues (take 1) Listen
09 - Old mill blues (take 2) Listen
10 - Mixed up rag Listen
11 - Ezell`s precious five Listen
12 - Crawlin` spider blues Listen
13 - Barrel house woman (take 1) Listen
14 - Barrel house woman (take 2) Listen
15 - Bucket of blood Listen
16 - Heifer dust Listen
17 - Playing the dozen Listen
18 - Just can`t stay here Listen
19 - Pitchin` boogie Listen
20 - Freakish mistreater blues Listen
21 - Hot spot stuff Listen
22 - Try some of that (Slim Tarpley, vocal) Listen
23 - Alabama hustler (Slim Tarpley, vocal) Listen

With the exception of some sessions accompanying other singers, the complete Will Ezell is on this single CD. A talented blues and boogie-woogie pianist, Ezell led four mostly instrumental solo sessions (resulting in 12 performances). In addition, his dates backing singers Marie Bradley, Ora Brown, Bertha Henderson, and Slim Tarpley are also included on this enjoyable and historic CD. Among the more rewarding selections are Barrel House Man, Mixed Up Rag, Heifer Dust, Playing the Dozen, and Pitchin’ Boogie. – Scott Yanow

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