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Little Brother Montgomery - Vocal Accompaniments & Early Post-War Recordings 1930 - 1954

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'Creole' George Guesnon
Little Brother Montgomery
Irene Scruggs
Annie Turner
Minnie Hicks


Irene Scruggs
01 - Good Grinding Listen
02 - Borrowed Love Listen
03 - Must Get Mine In Front Listen
04 - Back To The Wall Listen

Minnie Hicks
05 - Monkey Man Blues Listen
06 - Sweet Rider Listen

Annie Turner
07 - Black Pony Blues Listen
08 - Deceived Blues Listen
09 - Workhouse Blues Listen
10 - Hard On You Listen

'Creole' George Guesnon
11 - Goodbye, Good Luck To You Listen

Little Brother Montgomery
12 - El Ritmo Listen
13 - Swingin' With Lee Listen
14 - Long Time Ago Listen
15 - That Woman I Love Listen
16 - Vicksburg Blues Listen
17 - A & B Blues Listen
18 - After hour blues Listen
19 - Little Brother Stomp Listen
20 - Mule face blues Listen
21 - Cow Cow blues Listen
22 - Vicksburg blues Listen
23 - Crescent City blues Listen
24 - Winding ball blues Listen

Best known for the astonishing "Vicksburg Blues" and "No Special Rider Blues," the barrelhousing Little Brother Montgomery was a great writer and arguably the most versatile of all blues piano men. He grew up listening to ragtime, idolized Jelly Roll Morton, and absorbed stride and boogie into his early style; while his roots remained obvious, he stayed up-to-date until his 1985 death. Eleven tracks as accompanist, four fronting a jazz band, and nine postwar solo tracks on which he sounds like two men playing at once. - John Mothland

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