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Ivy Smith & Cow Cow Davenport 1927 - 1930

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Ivy Smith
Cow Cow (Charles) Davenport

01 - Rising sun blues Listen
02 - Sad and blue Listen
03 - My own man blues (take 1) Listen
04 - Third alley blues Listen
05 - Ninety nine years blues Listen
06 - Cincinnati Southern blues Listen
07 - Too mean to cry blues Listen
08 - Barrel house mojo Listen
09 - Shadow blues Listen
10 - No good man blues Listen
11 - Gin house blues Listen
12 - Mistreated mamma blues Listen
13 - Doin` that thing Listen
14 - Somebody`s got to knock a jug Listen
15 - Southern high waters blues Listen
16 - Wringin` and twistin` papa Listen
17 - Got jelly on my mind Listen
18 - Gypsy woman blues Listen
19 - Milkman blues Listen
20 - Alabammy mistreated Listen

Virtually nothing is known about blues singer Ivy Smith. She recorded with Cow Cow Davenport (not only on her own sessions but guesting on some of his selections) and was in an unsuccessful road show organized by the pianist-singer called “The Cow Cow Steppers”. Otherwise she is lost to history.

All 20 titles issued under her own name are on this interesting CD, not counting two that have not been found. Smith shows that she was a capable lowdown blues singer who could also sing vaudevillian blues and hokum. None of these songs became hits, the blues craze was long past by 1927, but Smith acquits herself well. Cow Cow Davenport is mostly in a background role, taking occasional short solos. However he is more prominent on three vocal duets with Smith (Mistreated Mamma Blues, Doin’ That Thing, and Somebody’s Got To Knock a Jug) and occasionally takes a forceful spot, most notably on Alabammy Mistreated. But this CD is very much Ivy Smith’s show; she is worth discovering by vintage blues collectors. – Scott Yanow

Note: See also Document Records DOCD-5141, DOCD-5142 and DOCD-5586.

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