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Josh White, the essential DOUBLE CD

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Josh White

01 - Black & evil blues
02 - Gone mother blues
03 - Little brother blues
04 - Good gal
05 - Barbecue Bess (with Lucille Bogan)
06 - School boy blues (with Walter Roland)
07 - Baby, won`t you doodle-doo-doo
08 - Double crossing woman
09 - I believe I`ll make a change
10 - Good woman blues (with Leroy Carr)
11 - High brown cheater
12 - Oh lordy mama no. 2 (with Buddy Moss)
13 - D.B.A. blues
14 - Crying blues
15 - Wang wang harmonica blues (with The Carver Boys)
16 - Friendless city blues
17 - Black gal blues
18 - You got to give me some of it (with Buddy Moss)
19 - Blood red river blues
20 - Bed spring blues
21 - Pigmeat and whiskey blues
22 - Sail on little girl no. 2 (with Walter Roland)
23 - Hustlers blues (with Leroy Carr)
24 - Lazy black snake blues
25 - Downhearted man blues
26 - Mistreated boy (with Buddy Moss)
27 - Silicosis is killin` me
28 - Badly mistreated man
29 - New milk cow blues
30 - Sisco harmonica blues (with The Carver Boys)
31 - Sissy man blues
32 - Homeless and hungry blues
33 - 45 pistol blues (with Walter Roland)
34 - Prison bound blues
35 - Hard time blues
36 - There`s a man goin` around taking names

Josh White, sometimes known as "The Singing Christian", led something of a double musical life, transcending the line between religious music and Blues (the Devil's music). This double CD presents a taster of Josh White's extensive repertoire. South Carolina born Joshua Daniel White was the son of a preacher. As a child he sang in church choirs then as a teenager in 1928 he first he entered the recording studio playing second guitar to Blind Joe Taggart. A year after his debut Josh recorded "Wang Wang Harmonica Blues" with the Carver Boys, a white 'old-time' group. After these initial recordings Josh moved to New York where he lived for the rest of his life. By 1932 he was broadcasting on radio and cutting his first solo sides, this was the start of his prolific recording career. Josh White was an excellent guitar player in the Piedmont tradition, with a melodious voice. In addition to his radio performances he appeared in the theatrical show John Henry and in the 1940 film short entitled Tall Tales. He was popular with white audiences in New York and such was his fame that he frequently entertained at the White House for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Includes informative booklet notes by Gary Atkinson.
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