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Country Blues, the essential DOUBLE CD

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Blind Boy Fuller
Pearl Dickson
Willie Baker
Ishman Bracey
Lottie Kimbrough
Bob Campbell
Lane Hardin
Shreveport Home Wreckers
Rube Lacy
Henry Thomas
Barefoot Bill (Ed Bell)
Blind Lemon Jefferson
De Ford Bailey
Little Hat Jones
Luke Jordan
Troy Ferguson
William Moore
Arthur Petties
Hambone Willie Newbern
Robert Wilkins
Scrapper Blackwell
George Carter
Tarter and Gay
Frank Stokes
Mae Glover
Tom Dickson
Henry Spaulding
Pink Anderson
Furry Lewis
Evans and McClain
Charlie Lincoln
Geechie Wiley
Noah Lewis
Buddy Moss
Walter 'Buddy Boy' Hawkins

Drawing from the Document Catalogue, this double CD set represents some of the many wonderful Country Blues recordings, in particular with the accompaniment of guitars and harmonicas, which came from the halcyon days when Country Blues musicians could be heard playing on the streets, at parties, dances and in juke joints, or on the porches of sharecropper's shacks. The basic elements of Afro-American music including complex rhythms and soulful melodies, has always existed. Capturing, kidnapping and enslavement can strip a man of his belongings, his home, his family, but it cannot strip his of his soul. Country Blues was a product of freedom. In the early twentieth century freedom meant a freedom to travel, by road, by rail, by paddle steamer along the Mississippi. Freedom also meant a freedom of expression, in song. The first Blues guitar hero was Blind Lemon Jefferson. He was the first Country Bluesman to have commercial success both in the south and north of the United States. The songs of the Country Bluesman were often personal, telling of life experiences, the torment of love, crime, drugs and much more. So much of life's trials, tribulations, hopes and dreams can be heard here in some stunning performances. Includes informative booklet notes by Gary Atkinson.
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