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Sleepy John Estes, The Essential DOUBLE CD

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Sleepy John Estes

01 - Special agent
02 - Milk cow blues
03 - Someday baby blues
04 - Watcha doin`?
05 - Down south blues
06 - Everybody oughta make a change
07 - Liquor store
08 - Drop down mama
09 - Vernila blues
10 - Mary come on home
11 - Floating bridge
12 - Black gal swing (with The Delta Boys)
13 - Working man blues
14 - Mailman blues
15 - Lawyer clark blues
16 - You shouldn`t do that (with The Delta Boys)
17 - Airplane blues
18 - Stop that thing
19 - Street car blues
20 - Expressman blues (with Yank Rachel)
21 - New someday baby
22 - Government money
23 - The girl I love, she got long curly hair
24 - Sweet mama (with Yank Rachel)
25 - I wanta tear it all the time
26 - Fire department blues (with Martha Hardin)
27 - Every time my heart beats (with the Delta Boys)
28 - Jack and Jill blues
29 - Hobo jungle blues
30 - Easin` back to Tennessee
31 - Clean up at home
32 - Jailhouse blues
33 - Time is drawing near
34 - I ain`t gonna be worried no more
35 - Who`s been telling you Buddy Brown blues?
36 - Little Laura blues

Drawing from the Document Catalogue, this double CD features the early recordings of the Tennessee country blues singer and guitarist Sleepy John Estes. Sleepy John Estes was born in Ripley, Tennessee in January 1899, the son of sharecroppers. He lost the sight of one eye as a child. He learned to play a homemade "cigarbox" guitar and by 1919 he was performing on the streets alongside the mandolin playing 11 year old James "Yank" Rachel. John's recording career for Victor commenced in just a month before the stock market crash in September 1929. His debut "The Girl I Love, She Got Long Curly Hair" was the biggest selling of Estes's early records. He recorded a further 15 sides for Victor before the Depression halted his recording career he was not back in the studio until July 1935. He was an influential singer and songwriter, he wrote about people and his own experiences. Down South Blues tells of the effect of the Depression on himself and others living in Memphis. John continued to record until 1940 and after a break of 20 years he like so many other bluesmen became involved in the 60s Folk/Blues revival. Includes informative booklet notes by Gary Atkinson.
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