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Albert Ammons 1936 Alternate Takes Radio Performances and Unissued Home Recordings

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Big Joe Turner
Albert Ammons

01 - Nagasaki (alt. take) Listen
02 - Early mornin` blues (alt. take) Listen
03 - Introduction Listen
04 - Pinetop`s Boogie Woogie (Camel Caravan Broadcast) Listen
05 - Boogie in C (Chamber Music Soc. of Lower Basin St broadcast) Listen
06 - Shout for joy (Chamber Music Soc. of Lower Basin St broadcast) Listen
07 - Boogie woogie stomp Listen
08 - The boogie rocks # 2 Listen
09 - Funky start boogie Listen
10 - Blue blue blues Listen
11 - Bugle boogie No. 2 Listen
12 - Reveille boogie Listen
13 - Blues in the groove No. 2 Listen
14 - The breaks No. 2 Listen
15 - Bottom blues No. 2 Listen
16 - Whistlin` blues (private home recording) Listen
17 - I had to move that thing (private home recording) Listen
18 - Dying mother blues - part one (private home recording) Listen
19 - Dying mother blues - part two (private home recording) Listen
20 - Swanee River boogie (alt. take) Listen
21 - Swanee River boogie (2nd alt. take) Listen
22 - I don`t want to see you (alt take) Listen
23 - Rock of Gibraltar blues (alt take) Listen

Albert Ammons 1936 Alternate Takes Radio Performances and Unissued Home Recordings

Albert Ammons, vocal, piano.
Includes; Pete Johnson, piano, Joe Turner, vocal.

Genres; Boogie-woogie piano, Blues piano
Informative booklet notes by Axel Zwingenberger,
Detailed discography.

Albert Ammons seems to be the pianist who attracts the largest number of boogie woogie fans, even today, 90 years after he was born in Chicago on March 1st, 1907. His playing had a special quality in a very personal way: his exuberant joy and endless power were counter pointed by a longing expression which gave it a blue quality all the way through. Albert's sound in general was sweeter than either Pete Johnson's or Meade Lux Lewis', his piano colleagues of the Boogie Woogie Trio. His untimely death on December 3rd, 1949, at the age of just 42, added a tragic aspect, too. By the time he passed, it was still the era of 78-rpm shellacs, and his chances to record were more limited than they would have been had he lived up to the time of Hi-Fi recording.

Items of unissued material by him are especially rare collector's stuff, and this Document Records CD contains a considerable number of such. Tracks include 2 alternative takes of the swing Nagasaki and blues-boogie Early Mornin' Blues. Ammon's showpiece Boogie Woogie Stomp uses melody lines in rows of thirds. In Boogie In C and Shout for Joy, a single note rumbling bass similar to Johnson's 'Blues On The Downbeat' or 'Death Ray Boogie' is played. Blue Blue Blues is built on a similar theme to 'Blues On My Mind'. Here we find beautiful, melodic, right hand work with some lyrical qualities and a romantic touch, complemented by nicely harmonised left hand figures in stride and rolling tenths boogie bases. For the last track on this CD, Rock of Gibraltar Blues, Albert Ammons is in the company of the original boss of the blues shouters, Big Joe Turner, with whom he had worked frequently before, especially in the combination with Pete Johnson. Joe's voice is rich and Albert plays some slowed down boogie.

More Albert Ammons recordings appear on Document BDCD-6046

and DOCD-1003.

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