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Bunk Johnson Volume 2

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Bunk Johnson
Bunk Johnson with Louis Armstrong and his Jazz Six
Bunk Johnson's Jazz Band
Bunk Johnson's Original Superior Band


Bunk Johnson's Original Superior Band
01 - Moose march (rehearsal test 3 takes)
02 - These draftin` blues (rehearsal test 2 takes)

Bunk Johnson's Jazz Band
03 - Big chief battle axe (take a)
04 - Big chief battle axe (take b)
05 - Dusty rag
06 - Franklin Street blues (take a)
07 - Franklin Street blues (take b)
08 - The thriller rag
09 - Sobbin` blues
10 - Sobbin` blues no. 2
11 - When I leave this world behind
12 - Sometimes my burden is so hard to bear
13 - Blue bells goodbye
14 - Shine
15 - Yaaka hula hickey dula
16 - Weary blues

Bunk Johnson and his New Orleans Band
17 - Tiger rag
18 - Weary blues
19 - Pallet on the floor
20 - Careless love

Louis Armstrong and his Jazz Foundation Six
21 - Basin Street blues

Bunk Johnson 1942 - 1945 Recordings

Bunk Johnson's Original Superior Band
Bunk Johnson's Jazz Band
Bunk Johnson And His New Orleans Band
Louis Armstrong And His Foundation Six

8 Page informative booklet written by Alyn Shipton.
Detailed discography.

Although jazz trumpet player, Bunk Johnson, undoubtedly played a part in the early story of Jazz and was at the forefront of its development in New Orleans around 1907-1914 (he taught Louis Armstrong), he never recorded during the vintage-jazz era of the late teens through to the 1930`s. After spending the thirties as a truck driver, he was contacted by a group of enthusiasts, was fitted out with a new set of teeth and set on his second career as a professional musician. He is now regarded internationally as one of the great jazz legends of all time.

"King Bolden and myself were the first men that began playing jazz in the city of dear old New Orleans and his band had the whole of New Orleans real crazy and running wild behind it," wrote trumpeter Willie "Bunk" Johnson to Bill Russell in 1939. These simple words inaugurated one of the widest reaching movements in jazz, as scholars and record collectors joined forces to see if jazz history could be brought to life through the playing of Bunk and other survivors of the earliest generation of jazz players.

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