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Leadbelly and Josh White 1937 - 1946

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Josh White
Leadbelly with Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee


01 - Untitled (LC)
02 - Introduction (WNYC B`cast)
03 - Ain`t going down (WNYC B`cast)
04 - Don`t you love your daddy no more (NBC Chamber Music B`cast)
05 - You can`t lose me Charlie (NBC Chamber Music B`cast)
06 - When you get to sleep, please don`t sleep too long (WNYC B`cast)
07 - Uncle Sam says (Bottle Up And Go)
08 - Dear Mr. President - President Roosevelt (LC)
09 - If you want to do your part
10 - Hitler song
11 - Rock Island line (AFRS Jubilee 107)
12 - Jim Crow blues (AFRS Jubilee 107)

Leadbelly with Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee
13 - Careless love

Joshua White
14 - Hold on (The Union Boys)
15 - Motherless children (alt. take 1)
16 - Motherless children (alt. take 2)
17 - Number 12 train (alt. take)
18 - When I lay down (alt. take)
19 - Don`t lie buddy
20 - No more blues (No more bread lines)(alt. take)
21 - One meat ball (alt. take)
22 - In my time of dying
23 - Evil hearted man (AFRS Jubilee 219)
24 - One meat ball (AFRS Jubilee 219)
25 - Take a gal like you
26 - Jelly jelly
27 - Whatcha gonna do (Sometime)
28 - Trouble (alt. take)
29 - Beloved comrade
30 - Free and equal blues

The Remaing Titles

Lead Belly, vocal, 12-string guitar.
Josh White, vocal, guitar.

With contributions by;
Paul Howard Mason, zither.
Brownie McGhee, vocal, guitar.
Sonny Terry, harmonica.
Willie "The Lion" Smith, piano.
"Pops" Foster, bass.
Pete Seeger, vocal, banjo.
And others.

Genres: Blues, guitar; 12-string guitar; Folk.
Informative booklet notes by Dave Moore.
Detailed discography.

Leadbelly kicks off with an Untitled song (from the 1937 Library of Congress session) about the 1898 Spanish American War, which transformed the U.S.A. into a world power. The track "Ain't Going Down" is from the live New York radio station WNYC Leadbelly session introduced by Woody Guthrie. In another radio session 2 months later Leadbelly recorded "Don't Lose Your Daddy" and "You Can't Lose Me Charlie". With the entry of the U.S.A. into World War 2, Leadbelly recorded supportive songs such as "Uncle Sam Says", "If You Want To Do Your Part", "Hitler Song" and "Dear Mr. President/President Roosevelt". Leadbelly also contributed to the war effort by performing for the Armed Forces Radio Service a version of "Rock Island Line".

  As part of Josh White's support for the war effort, he go it together with friends to form the group The Union Boys, recording "Hold On". Josh also recorded the tracks "Evil Hearted Man" and "One Meat Ball" for the AFRS. The rest of the tracks on this collection are from the sessions he recorded for Moe Asch. These include the tracks "Motherless Children", "Number 12 Train", "When I Lay Down", "No More Blues", "One Meat Ball" and "Trouble". Further sessions recorded for Asch feature him singing on the track "Don't Lie Buddy" with his old friend Leadbelly. Other tracks include "Beloved Comrade" and "Jelly Jelly". The remaining titles "Free and Equal Blues", "Take A Girl Like You" and "Whatcha Gonna Do" were recorded in 1945.

The bulk of Leadbelly's recordings have already been issued on 12 Document Record CD's and Josh White is represented by 7 volumes in the document series.


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