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Rags, Breakdowns, Stomps & Blues - Vintage Mandolin Music (1927-1946)

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Louie Bluie
Dallas String Band
Phebel Wright
Carolina Peanut Boys
The Blue Boys
John Estes
Gid Tanner and His Skillet-Lickers
Arizona Dranes
Mississippi Mud Steppers
Ishman Bracey
Two Poor Boys (Joe Evans and Arthur McClain)
Scottdale String Band
King David`s Jug Band
Johnson Boys
Nashville Washboard Band
Paul Warmack and His Gully Jumpers
Al Miller and His Market Street Boys
Blue Ridge Ramblers

01 - State Street rag - Louie Bluie Listen
02 - Hokum blues - Dallas String Band Listen
03 - Lint head stomp - Phebel Wright Listen
04 - You may leave, but this will bring you back - Carolina Peanut Boys Listen
05 - Easy winner - The Blue Boys Listen
06 - Milk cow blues - Sleepy John Estes Listen
07 - Watcha doin'? - Sleepy John Estes Listen
08 - Dallas rag - Dallas String Band Listen
09 - Flop eared mule - Gid Tanner & His Skillet-Lickers Listen
10 - I shall wear a crown - Arizona Dranes and Choir Listen
11 - Jackson stomp - Mississippi Mud Steppers Listen
12 - Brown mama blues - Ishman Bracey Listen
13 - Two white horses in a line - The Two Poor Boys Listen
14 - Carbolic rag - Scottdale String Band Listen
15 - Rising sun blues - King David's Jug Band Listen
16 - Prater blues - Johnson Boys Listen
17 - You got me rollin' - Carolina Peanut Boys Listen
18 - Arkansas traveller - Nashville Washboard Band Listen
19 - Going away to make it lonesome here - Nashville Washboard Band Listen
20 - Hawkins rag - Gid Tanner and His Skillet-Lickers Listen
21 - The little red caboose behind the train - Paul Warmack & His Gully Jumpers Listen
22 - Somebody`s been using that thing - Al Miller & His Market Street Boys Listen
23 - Old hen cackle - Arthur McClain & Joe Evans Listen
24 - Jug rag - Blue Ridge Ramblers Listen

Various Artists.
Informative 12 page, colour illustrated booklet by Richard Cherry.
Detailed discography.

Keith Briggs of Blues & Rhythm Magazine writes; "These days the mandolin is almost exclusively identified with Bluegrass music but for decades it had maintained a regular showing in mainstream old time music, ragtime and blues (both urban and rural). This is illustrated to the dates appended to the title of this CD which refer at one end to Dallas Rag and Carbolic Rag, various display pieces, one each from the black and white traditions, and at the other Lint Head Stomp, a track often considered to be proto-Bluegrass. The mixture is maintained throughout but is weighted in favor of black artists. Care has also been taken to present the mandolin in a supporting role or as a part of an ensemble. So, along with the finger-knotting rags, breakdowns and stomps from the like of Leecan and Cooksey, Prater and Haighs, The Dallas String Band, Mississippi Mud Steppers and Phebel Wright, you can hear the instrument working for its crust as part of a jug band, backing blues singers as Yank Rachel backs John Estes, Or even keeping up with Arizona Dranes romping barrelhouse gospel piano. The overriding principle has been excellence: excellence in selection, sound quality and presentation. The first two aspects are beyond reproach, carefully chosen track having been often lifted direct from good quality 78s and subjected to meticulous cleaning (without sacrificing any of the musical content), while the last is aided by a twelve page booklet, well illustrated in both black and white and colour, fronted by a glowing studio portrait of Charlie McCoy."

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