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Mighty Day - 25 Gospel Greats (1928 - 1958)

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Sister Goldia Haynes
01 - I'm Going To Hold On

Anthony Butler
02 - My God Is A Mighty Man

Rev. Anderson Johnson
03 - God Don't Like It

Marylin Scott
04 - The Lord's Gospel Train

Golden Gate Quartet
05 - Blind Barnabas

Sister Ernestine and Rev F Washington
06 - I'm His Child

Wright Brothers Gospel Singers
07 - Gospel Train

Tom Dorsey
08 - If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again

Bessemer Sunset Four
09 - Mighty Day

Anthony Butler
10 - Judgement's Coming Soon

Sister O M Terrell
11 - I'm Going To That City

Norridge Mayhams and the Blue Chips
12 - Stay On The Right Side Of The Road

Sister Lottie Peavey
13 - Nobody's Fault But Mine

Cornfed Four
14 - Let The Church Role On

Rev. Utah Smith (The Traveling Evangelist)
15 - Two Wings

Sister Rosetta Tharpe
16 - My Journey To The Sky

Elder Charles Beck
17 - Didn't It Rain

Heavenly Gospel Singers
18 - Lead Me To The Rock

Rev. Lonnie Farris
19 - I'm So Happy And Free That The Lord Saved Me

Wright Brothers Gospel Singers
20 - After A While

Rev. McGhee
21 - I'm A Witness For The Lord

Golden Gate Quartet (General Electric FM)
22 - My Time Done Come

Sister Goldia Haynes
23 - The Truth In The Gospel

Rev. Robert Ballinger
24 - This Train

Brother Miller
25 - J-E-S-U-S Spells Jesus

Various Artists
Genres: Gospel
16 Page colour, illustrated booklet by Gillian George.
Detailed discography.
Includes "Mighty Day" by The Bessemer Sunset Four, featured in the film "Fun With Dick and Jane"
The Document catalogue can truly boast that it covers the birth and ensuing development of recorded gospel music. It is a fascinating musical journey. Yet despite the music's unwavering popularity for the last hundred years, it has not spawned the same magnitude of analytical literature, articles and papers, so beloved of the Blues and Jazz fans, that one can turn to for musical guidance in discussing its development as a definative musical genre. So, perhaps it is true to say that the Document Catalogue spans the earliest recorded religious black music with a formal feel of "Spirituals" to the later urban religious recordings that we would now call "Gospel".

Godspel is an elision of 'God' and 'Spel'. Spel being old English for story. The concept of Gospel music is considered to have begun in America during the latter part of the 19th Century, first appearing in 1874 with the publication "Gospel Songs" by Phillip Bliss.

As you will hear on this CD the music lifts the spirits with its emphasis on love, freedom, forgiveness, judgement and righteousness. It speaks of the human condition and to the human condition. Gospel music can bring the sublime to the world of the ridiculous. It was and is the music of soul. Despite it's Christian history it transcends any one religion to speak to us all.

This CD features such artists as Thomas A. Dorsey, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Sister Ernestine Washington, Golden Gate Quartet, Rev. Utah Smith and many more.
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