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Reverend Gary Davis - Manchester Free Trade Hall 1964

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Rev. Gary Davis


Rev. Gary Davis
01 - You Got To Move Listen
02 - If I Had My Way Listen

Rev. Gary Davis And Sonny Terry
03 - The Sun Is Going Down Listen

Rev. Gary Davis
04 - I'm A Soldier Listen
05 - I Got A Little Mama, Sweet As She Can Be Listen
06 - Sally, Please Come Back To Me (Worried Blues) Listen
07 - Cocaine Blues Listen
08 - Cincinnati Flow Rag Listen
09 - Children of Zion Listen
10 - Coon Hunt (Harmonica Instrumental) Listen
11 - Maple Leaf Rag Listen

Informative booklet notes by Bob Groom.

Detailed discography.

On May 8, 1964 the Rev, on tour with something called the Blues and Gospel Caravan, was recorded in live performance with his Gibson guitar at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England. In 2008 Document released a compact disc containing all of the music known to have been taped during that set. This is a revealing and wonderfully honest album of traditional songs, including If I Had My Way, a ritual first recorded by Blind Willie Johnson decades earlier and lucratively covered by the Caucasian folk trio Peter, Paul and Mary. Also present at the Free Trade Hall was whoop-and-holler harmonica ace Sonny Terry, an expressive performer who exchanges words and blows up a duet with Davis on The Sun is Going Down and solos at length on Coon Hunt.

Davis alternately sang both sacred as well as bracingly worldly blues tunes, and also tapped into his own early roots with the Cincinnati Flow Rag and Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag, syncopated episodes that, along with everything else on this excellent album, link him directly to old time ragtime/blues guitar legends Henry ThomasBlind Boy Fuller, and Blind Blake. - arwulf arwluf

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