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Blues Blues Christmas Volume 2 - (1926-1958)

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Lloyd Glenn


Lloyd Glenn
01 - (Christmas) Sleigh Ride Listen

Blind Lemon Jefferson
02 - Christmas Eve Blues Listen

Heavenly Gospel Singers
03 - When Was Jesus Born Listen

The Voices
04 - Santa Clause Boogie Listen

Lightnin` Hopkins
05 - Merry Christmas Listen

The MoonGlows
06 - Hey Santa Claus Listen

Lowell Fulson
07 - Lonesome Christmas (part 1) Listen

Blind Blake
08 - Lonesome Christmas Blues Listen

The Nic Nacs with Mickey Champion
09 - Gonna Have A Merry Xmas Listen

Rev. Charles Watkins
10 - Christmas Morn' Listen

Jesse 'Babyface' Thomas
11 - Xmas Celebration Listen

Leo Watson
12 - Jingle Bells Listen

Cecil Gant
13 - It's Christmas Time Again Listen

The Pilgrim Travellers
14 - I'll Be Home For Chrismas Listen

Rev. Emmett Dickinson
15 - Christmas What Does It Mean To You Listen

Lucy Smith Jubilee Singers
16 - There Was No Room At The Hotel Listen

Sister Rosetta Tharpe
17 - Silent Night, Holy Night Listen

Lil Son Jackson
18 - New Year's Resolution Listen

Charley Jordan and Verdi Lee
19 - Christmas Tree Blues Listen

Lional Hampton Orchestra
20 - Merry Christmas Baby Listen

Bubber Johnson
21 - It's Christmas Time Listen

Chuck Berry
22 - Run Rudolph, Run Listen

Oscar McLollie and His Honey Jumpers
23 - God Gave Us Christmas Listen

Lowell Fulson
24 - Christmas Party Shuffle Listen

Lester Williams
25 - Winter Time Blues Listen

The Marshall Brothers
26 - Mr. Santa Boogie Listen

Wings Over Jordan
27 - Sweet Little Jesus Boy Listen

Fats Waller
28 - Swingin Them Jingle Bells Listen

Lucy Smith Jubilee Singers
29 - Seeking For Me Listen

Smokey (Andrew) Hogg
30 - My Christmas Baby Listen

Gatemouth Moore
31 - Christmas Blues Listen

The Orioles
32 - Oh Holy Night Listen

Alphabetical Four
33 - Go Where I Send Thee Listen

Mary Harris
34 - No Chrsitmas blues Listen

Little Willie Littlefield
35 - Merry Xmas Listen

Rev A. W. Nix
36 - Begin A New Life On Christmas Day - Part 1 Listen

Casey Bill Weldon
37 - Christmas Time Blues Listen

Johnny Moore's Three Blazers
38 - Merry Christmas Baby Listen

Sister Rosetta Tharpe
39 - When They Ring The Golden Bell Listen

Elkins-Payne Jubilee Singers
40 - Silent Night Holy Night Listen

Guitar Slim and Jelly Belly
41 - Christmas Time Blues Listen

The Voices
42 - Santa Claus Baby Listen

Chuck Berry
43 - Merry Christmas Baby Listen

The Orioles
44 - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve Listen

Double CD 
Various artists
Informative, full colour, 24 page booklet written by Jeff Harris.
Detailed discography.

The idea of Christmas themed blues and gospel numbers stretches back to the very dawn of the recorded genres. "Hooray for Christmas" exclaims Bessie Smith to kick off her soon to be classic "At The Christmas Ball" , which inaugurated the Christmas blues tradition when it was recorded in November 1925 for Columbia. A year later, circa December 1926, the gospel Christmas tradition was launched when the Elkins-Payne Jubilee Singers recorded Silent Night, Holy Night for Paramount Records. After these recordings it was off to the races with numerous Christmas blues numbers recorded by singers of all stripes, a pace that continued as blues evolved into R&B and then rock and roll. For some reason there are far fewer gospel Christmas songs although there were plenty of Christmas sermons in the 1920s and 1930s when recorded sermons rivalled blues in popularity among black audiences.

Going hand in hand with Christmas is quite a number of New Year songs, a good vehicle for juxtaposing the problems of the past year with the glimmer of hope that the upcoming year will bring better fortune. Whether these artists sung these numbers as part of their regular repertoire is unclear but it is almost certainly the case that many of these songs were recorded at the prompting of the record companies. Like any business they were always looking for a new angle or gimmick to sell records and advertised these boldly, often with full-page ads, in black newspapers like the Chicago Defender.

Perhaps you think this is a bit cynical but then you probably still believe in Santa Clause and good will towards men! Well, sit back, tip a glass of holiday cheer and enjoy our survey of Yuletide classics spanning the 1920s through the 1950s, a simpler, more wholesome time !

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Double CD
Various artists
Informative, full colour, 20 page booklet. written by Jeff Harris
Double CD
Various artists
Informative, full colour, 20 page booklet written by Jeff Harris.
Detailed discography.
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