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Son House & The Great Delta Blues Singers 1928 - 1930

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Willie Brown
Joe Calicott
Garfield Akers
Son House
Kid Bailey
Rube Lacy
Blind Joe (Willie) Reynolds
Jim Thompkins


Son House
01 - My black mama - part 1 Listen
02 - My black mama - part 2 Listen
03 - Preachin` the blues - part 1 Listen
04 - Preachin` the blues - part 2 Listen
05 - Dry spell blues - part 1 Listen
06 - Dry spell blues - part 2 Listen
07 - Walking blues Listen

Willie Brown
08 - M & O blues Listen
09 - Future blues Listen

Kid Bailey
10 - Mississippi bottom blues Listen
11 - Rowdy blues Listen

Garfield Akers
12 - Cottonfield blues - part 1 Listen
13 - Cottonfield blues - part 2 Listen
14 - Dough roller blues Listen
15 - Jumpin` and shoutin` blues Listen

Joe Calicott
16 - Fare thee well blues Listen
17 - Traveling mama blues Listen

Jim Thompkins
18 - Bedside blues Listen

Blind Joe (Willie) Reynolds
19 - Outside woman blues Listen
20 - Nehi blues Listen
21 - Married man blues Listen
22 - Third Street woman blue Listen

Rube Lacy
23 - Mississippi jail house groan Listen
24 - Ham hound crave Listen

Twenty-four tracks featuring: Son House, Willie Brown, Kid Bailey, Garfield Akers, Joe Callicott, Jim Thompkins, Blind Joe (Willie) Reynolds, Rube Lacy.


Genres: Mississippi Delta Blues, Country Blues, Country Blues Guitar.

Informative booklet notes by Bob Groom.

Detailed discography.


Have you ever put an album into a player and been shocked as a surge of intensity, both beautiful and at the same time disturbing hits you like nothing before? You're mesmerised, finding it hard to believe that this is a man, relying on little more than his relentless, pounding rhythmic guitar playing and his own dark, rich, voice. These are the first few seconds of Son House's My Black Mama Part 1 recorded for Paramount in 1930 and just a hint to what is to come. This album is not just an album of singers. It is a snapshot of some of the finest bluesmen to have recorded. This is the blues un-distilled. Raw, hard hitting, being exorcised and torn like a demon from man's tormented soul. This is undoubtedly the best collection of vintage Mississippi blues singers guitarist available. After being in the Document catalogue for over fourteen years it is still one of our best sellers. Blues fans certainly know a classic when they see one.

Son House was rediscovered and feted in the 1960s as the greatest surviving Delta Blues singer. The recordings that Son House made for Paramount label in 1930 are rightly considered classics of their kind. These are deep voiced, solo performances, with Son House brilliantly accompanying himself on guitar, using a slide to produce that special Mississippi Delta sound. The tracks that Son House recorded were "My Black Mama" (1 & 2), "Preachin' The Blues" (1 & 2), "Dry Spell Blues" (1 & 2) and most remarkably featured here is a test pressing of "Walking Blues" discovered in an attic in 1985! This previously unissued recording by Son House also features a second guitarist, almost certainly Willie Brown, a musical associate of House and Charley Patton, who recorded at least four solo performances at the same session. The fiery delivery of Son House's blues with his razor sharp bottleneck guitar playing is contrasted by the more delicate playing of Willie Brown (Immortalised as "my friend Willie Brown" by the recording of “Crossroads Blues” by Robert Johnson). Friends of Charley Patton both House and Brown can be heard together on Walking Blues. Garfield Akers' recordings for the Vocalion label are pure Mississippi blues with his guitar providing an insistent, pulsating rhythm, his vocals only being a step away from a field holler style. The more obscure names provide no less in the power of their performances including Blind Joe (Willie) Reynolds' "Outside Women Blues" which was later covered by the sixties super group Cream. This is solid country blues from beginning to end. Includes informative booklet notes by Bob Groom and detailed discography.


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