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Tampa Red Vol 3 1929 - 1930

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Jennie Clayton (Jenny Pope)
Tampa Red
Hokum Jug Band


Tampa Red And His Hokum Jug Band
01 - I wonder where my easy rider`s gone? Listen
02 - Come on mama, do that dance Listen

Tampa Red and Georgia Tom
03 - Friendless blues Listen

Tampa Red And His Hokum Jug Band
04 - Mama don`t allow no easy riders here (C-3939) Listen
05 - Saturday night scrontch Listen

Tampa Red and Georgia Tom
06 - Mama don`t allow no easy riders here (C-4184) Listen
07 - Strewin` your mess Listen

Tampa Red "The Guitar Wizard"
08 - Dying mercy blues Listen

Jenny Pope
09 - Whiskey drinkin` blues Listen
10 - Doggin` me around blues Listen

Tampa Red
11 - Worried man blues Listen
12 - Mrs. Baker`s blues Listen

Tampa Red and Georgia Tom
13 - Corrine Corrina Listen

The Black Hill Billies
14 - Kunjine baby Listen

Tampa Red
15 - That stuff you sell Listen
16 - Station time blues Listen

Tampa Red "The Guitar Wizard"
17 - Moanin` heart blues (gtr solo) Listen
18 - Chicago moan blues (gtr solo) Listen

Tampa Red
19 - Black hearted blues Listen

Tampa Red and Georgia Tom
20 - But they got it fixed right on Listen
21 - Corinne Corinna no. 2 Listen
22 - The dirty dozen no. 2 Listen
23 - I. C. moan blues Listen
24 - Cryin` shame blues Listen

Tampa Red, vocal, bottleneck slide guitar.

With contributions by;

Jenny Pope, vocal.
Georgia Tom, vocal, piano.
Jasper Taylor, washboard.
Frankie-Half-Pint Jaxon, vocal.
Bill Johnson, stand-up bass.
And others…

Genre; blues guitar, blues piano, hokum, bottleneck slide guitar.

Informative booklet notes by Teddy Doering.
Detailed discography.

Taken from this CDs booklet notes.
You might call it a period of transition, for after a fulminate start with their success of "It's Tight Like That" and a period of follow-ups, the duo of Tampa Red and Georgia Tom gradually left the "hokum" genre and concentrated more and more on two easy things: the swinging, jazz-influenced up-tempo pieces like "Easy Rider", and they got deeper and deeper into the real slow blues numbers, exploring several aspects of blues playing, and it is plain to hear that especially Tampa Red was getting more and more self confident in his playing refining his guitar style to a degree that he really became a champion, or in other words, a "guitar wizard".

The very first title included here, I Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Gone (also known as "Easy Rider Blues), shows him as a leader of a small band that foreshadows his later "Chicago Five". The flip side of this song was Come On Mama, Do That Dance it becomes evident that the swinging impetus of the two records comes not from the bass and washboard accompaniment, but from Tampa's guitar. The same can be said for another track called Mama Don't Allow to a degree that the listener doesn't miss any rhythm instruments. Another side to Tampa's playing is revealed in the slow blues numbers such as Moanin' Heart Blues, Chicago Moan Blues or I.C. Moan Blues. The moaning is not accomplished by his vocals, as is done by so many other blues singers, but by his guitar. Tampa is able to hold long notes with his slide, and then bend them in long melody bows. The two tracks Dying Mercy Blues and Black Hearted Blues have fine piano accompaniment, the later by Bill O'Bryant, a boogie specialist, plays the accompaniment.

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