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Bo Carter Vol 3: 27 March 1934 to 20 February 1936

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Bo Carter (Bo Chatman)


Bo Carter (Bo Chatman)
01 - Howlin` tom cat blues Listen
02 - Don`t cross lay your daddy Listen
03 - Who broke the latch? Listen
04 - Don`t do it no more Listen
05 - Skin ball blues Listen
06 - Old shoe blues Listen
07 - Please warm my weiner Listen
08 - She`s gonna crawl back home to you Listen
09 - Let me roll your lemon Listen
10 - Mashing that thing Listen
11 - Blue runner blues Listen
12 - Fifty-fifty with me Listen
13 - To her burying ground Listen
14 - When your left eye go to jumping Listen
15 - Ride my mule Listen
16 - T baby blues Listen
17 - I get the blues Listen
18 - Spotted sow blues Listen
19 - Rolling blues Listen
20 - All around man Listen
21 - Fat mouth blues Listen
22 - You better know your business Listen

Bo Carter, vocal, guitar.

With contributions by Harry Chatmon, piano (tracks 13 & 14)

Genres; Country Blues, Mississippi Blues, Country Blues Guitar.

Informative booklet notes by Ken Romanowski
Detailed discography.

The first Bluebird sessions in March of 1934 marked a return to the studio for Bo after a two and a half year absence. Tastes in blues had changed and the record companies could no longer afford to take chances on untested acts or untried material. A more disciplined approach was applied in the studio and this sometimes led to records that sounded formulaic or unexciting. Bo Carter's records at this time showed as much or more diversity as any of his recording rivals and his regular trips to the studio attested to his popularity.

The twelve titles cut at the January 1935 session further consolidated his position. More than four-fifths of the tracks were finger picked blues and the two that fell outside of this category were piano-guitar duets where considerations of volume may have dictated a change in style. Blue Runner Blues was a remake of his own Okeh recording and Mashing That Thing was a reworking of Papa Charlie Jackson's best-selling "Shake That Thing". Bo Carter must have been doing something right because the following five years would see him double his recorded output.

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