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Bo Carter Vol 4: 20 February 1936 to 22 October 1938

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Bo Carter (Bo Chatman)


Bo Carter (Bo Chatman)
01 - It`s too wet Listen
02 - Dinner blues Listen
03 - Ain`t nobody got it Listen
04 - Cigarette blues Listen
05 - Pussy cat blues Listen
06 - The ins and outs of my girl Listen
07 - All around man - part 2 Listen
08 - Bo Carter`s advice Listen
09 - Doubled up in a knot Listen
10 - Worried G blues Listen
11 - Your biscuits are big enough for me Listen
12 - Don`t mash my digger so deep Listen
13 - Flea on me Listen
14 - Got to work somewhere Listen
15 - Sue cow Listen
16 - Shake `em on down Listen
17 - A girl for every day of the week Listen
18 - Trouble in blues Listen
19 - World in a jug Listen
20 - Who`s been here? Listen
21 - Whiskey blues Listen
22 - Shoo that chicken Listen

Bo Carter, vocal guitar.

Genres: Country Blues, Mississippi Blues, Country Blues Guitar.

Informative booklet notes by Ken Romanowski.
Detailed discography.

It has taken quite some time for Bo Carter's rightful place in blues history to be established. His music was complicated and multifaceted. The question of whether his lyrics are "pornographic" or merely an uninhibited and even healthy view of sexuality is really a relative one. There is certainly enough "raw" data contained in Bo Carter - Vol. 4 for the listener to come to his own conclusion. All Around Man, It's Too Wet, Cigarette Blues, Your Biscuits Are Big Enough For Me, and Don't Mash My Digger So Deep are classics of their type and the gorgeous guitar work on "Cigarette Blues" alone should be enough to persuade even the casual listener that there is more here than suggestive wordplay.

Beginning with the February 1936 session all of the remaining titles Carter was to record were finger picked on his National resonator guitar. He sometimes returned to earlier material that he would previously have played with a plectrum, but now it was played with a steady thumb or alternating bass pattern. He remade "Ants In My Pants" (itself a version of "Sitting On Top Of The World") as Flea On Me, and the standards "Trouble In Mind" (as Trouble In Blues) and "My Monday Woman" (as A Girl For Every Day Of The Week). The session in San Antonio in October 1938 produced more songs than he had ever recorded at one sitting, including some of his most interesting pieces. Without a doubt, Bo Carter was at his peak.

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