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Papa Charlie Jackson Vol 3: September 1928 to November 1934

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Papa Charlie Jackson
Hattie McDaniels
Ma Rainey
Blind Blake


Papa Charlie Jackson
01 - Good doing papa blues Listen
02 - Ma and pa poorhouse blues (duet with Ma Rainey) Listen
03 - Big feeling blues (duet with Ma Rainey) Listen
04 - Jungle man blues Listen
05 - Corn liquor blues Listen
06 - Don`t break down on me Listen
07 - Baby please loan me your heart Listen
08 - Dentist chair blues - part 1 (duet with Hattie McDaniels) Listen
09 - Dentist chair blues - part 2 (duet with Hattie McDaniels) Listen
10 - Hot papa blues - no. 2 Listen
11 - We can`t buy it no more Listen
12 - Tailor made lover Listen
13 - Take me back blues no. 2 Listen
14 - `tain`t what you do but how you do it Listen
15 - Forgotten blues Listen
16 - Papa do do do blues Listen
17 - I`ll be gone babe Listen
18 - Papa Charlie and Blind Blake talk about it - part 1 Listen
19 - Papa Charlie and Blind Blake talk about it - part 2 Listen
20 - You got that wrong Listen
21 - Self experience Listen
22 - Skoodle-um-skoo Listen
23 - If I got what you want Listen
24 - What`s that thing she`s shaking? Listen
25 - You put it in, I`ll take it out Listen

Papa Charlie Jackson, vocal, banjo, guitar.
With additional tracks by;
Ma Rainey and Papa Charlie Jackson
Hattie McDaniels And Dentist Jackson (Papa Charlie Jackson)
Papa Charlie Jackson and Blind Blake
Genres: Pre-war blues, Country Blues, Early Chicago blues, Female blues.
Informative booklet notes by Chris Smith.
Detailed discography.
Papa Charlie Jackson's last 25 recordings, dating from September of 1928 through November of 1934, and doing more proper blues here than on either previous volume. By the time of the release of the material here, Jackson was one of the most seasoned of studio bluesmen, with nearly half a decade recording experience behind him — his vocal presence on all of these records is extraordinary, and he knows how to get the most out of his instrument, guitar or banjo.
Ma and Pa Poorhouse Blues and Big Feeling Blues, both duets with Ma Rainey, present him at his most mature and naturally expressive vocally, in sharp contrast to the almost perfunctory vocals on volume one of this set. The Hattie McDaniels duets, two halves of Dentist Chair Blues, are also extremely worthwhile as far more than novelty numbers. In addition to some priceless topical songs, such as You Got That Wrong, there are some notable re-recordings here, including a killer 1934 remake of Jackson's earlier hit Skoodle-Um-Skoo (which by then had entered the repertory of Big Bill Broonzy, who was taught guitar by Jackson), and his last follow-up to "Shake That Thing", What's That Thing She's Shakin'. The delightfully risqué-sounding You Put It In, I'll Take It Out closes this collection.
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