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Little Brother Montgomery 1930 - 1936

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Little Brother Montgomery


Little Brother Montgomery
01 - No special rider blues
02 - Vicksburg blues
03 - Louisiana blues (take a)
04 - Frisco hi-ball blues
05 - The woman I love blues
06 - Pleading blues
07 - Vicksburg blues no. 2
08 - Mama you don`t mean me no good
09 - Misled blues
10 - The first time I met you
11 - A. & V. railroad blues
12 - Tantalizing blues
13 - Vicksburg blues - part 3
14 - Louisiana blues - part 2
15 - Santa Fe blues
16 - Something keeps a-worryin` me
17 - Out west blues
18 - Leaving town blues
19 - West Texas blues
20 - Never go wrong blues
21 - Sorrowful blues
22 - Mistreatin` woman blues
23 - Chinese man blues
24 - Farish Street jive
25 - Crescent city blues
26 - Shreveport farewell

“Little Brother” Montgomery, vocal, piano.

With contributions by: Walter Vincson, guitar; and others…

Genres: Country blues, blues piano, Louisiana blues.

Informative booklet note by Karl Gert zur Heide.
Detailed discography.

"Little Brother" — quite a name for a giant. He happened to be around much longer than expected (Eddie Boyd: "He always had a rendez-vous with death."), and some of his later recordings seem superfluous. Yet, most of the notes he pressed were to the point.

No more excuses for a man who was probably the greatest all-round piano player of his time in the Deep South. His unsurpassed mastery is documented by the mammoth Oct. 1936 session, when he cut 23 sides on one day — all his 17 solo recordings are assembled here while the five accompaniments are to be found on Document BDCD-6034. Brother was not a one-strain player like most of the blues specialists. The magnificent Crescent City Blues is a case in point, with its ragtime-like structure. He learned it from one Lumis (or Loomis) Gibson, a pianist about whom nothing else seems to be known. His masterpiece, however, was Vicksburg Blues, his version of the wide-spread theme commonly known as "the 44s".

Little Brother Montgomery's musical experience between the two World Wars spans an amazing scope of regions, milieus and thus styles, and much of this is reflected in this grand collection of vocal and piano blues.

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